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  • To slap stick for me.

    The show is fun to watch at times, but then it becomes way to kiddy and goofy. I can't remember one episode about this show just the one where Jeannie was found on the beach, all the others are forgettable. I think Barbara was very pretty, and I think if it wasn't for her the show would have sunk a lot earlier.
  • Extremely Silly and Ridiculous, but Watchable

    I'm not going to get into the who is better debate because both this show and "Bewitched" have their merits and faults. To start with, the shows stars Barbera Eden who spends almost every episode in that skimpy costume bouncing all over the place as Larry Hangman bounces himself off the walls and furniture and screams his head off - an interesting start for a guy who brought J.R. Ewing to life. Hangman was a much better success doing Dallas, but I still have a hard time believing that slapstick he forced his body through. While not a bad comedy, "Jeannie" basicly gets stuck on parody while "Bewitched" broke ground doing sensitive issues and topics of the Sixties. Bill Daily was Hangman's stooge, the funny sidekick whose life we are never seen much of and then there is the late Hayden Rourke who looks a bit out of place as the straight man when the craziness erupts. Sometimes it seems his line for every episode is the same: "What is going on around here ? Oh, I'm sure you have an explanation." While it may not be Classic TV, it does qualify for Popular TV.
  • A decent old comedy.

    Decent older TV show about an astronaut that finds a bottle with a genie and of course her name happens to be, Jeannie. Lots of fun and mishap in this show. Major Nelson and Major Healy crash on a deserted island ... deserted except for a bottle with a genie in it. He opens and the fun begins. The genie, Jeanie, pops out and she doesn't always like to listen to her master. Barbara Eden played Jeanie and was funny and sexy. Larry Hagman played Major Tony Nelson and Bill Daily was Major Roger Healey. Hayden Rorke was Colonel Dr. Alfred E. Bellows and he had suspicions about Jeanie being a genie. Lots of fun and laughs for everyone.
  • Jeanie I bought a bottle but you weren't in it?

    Man I fancied this woman! I even wrote a letter... I guess she didn't get it. I was only 7 and the show was in re-runs. But I'll tell you Ms Eden as I put in my letter to you.... 'My favourite part was when you got wolf-whistled at whilst going to see Major Nelson at work. And then you wolf whistled back! : )'
  • Started to head downhill...

    In the world of the 50s and 60s silly sitcoms, this is an except, a colorful and exciting show. Barbara Eden is very good at her role, Larry Hagman is better actor here than in "Dallas" or another serieses. The best is Bill Daily's Maj. Healey, but I like the late Hayden Rorke's suspicious Dr. Bellows too. When I saw the series' episodes first time I got a laughing-stock. It is fantastic! The first and second seasons are perfect, the third and fourth are good, but the fifth is a silly, American family sitcom. After Jeannie marries her master, the series goes wrong. But except for those 20 episodes, the whole series is my favorite sitcom of all times!
  • I used to watch it over and over.

    This is one of the shows that was funny and enjoyable when watching it as a kid. I recently saw it and watched it again and was surprised that I never wanted to miss it. It was humorous at times, and I'm certainly glad that Larry Hagman's acting improved from when he was on I Dream of Jeanie, it's hard to believe he went on to be J. R. Ewing. The show was good for what it was supposed to be I guess, mindless humor. You really didn't have to think too much to find it funny, if you did then it wasn't. I guess that's why I liked it as kid.
  • Old, decent comedy .. always a pleasure.

    I was looking through my collection of DVDs when I got my hands on Season 2 and Season 3 of 'I Dream of Jeannie'. Sitcoms have fascinated me since I started watching Friends, and then moved on to That '70s Show. I didn't really remember watching 'I Dream of Jeannie' ever before, so I thought of giving this one a try too.

    It's about an astronaut who finds a Jeannie, and that's just where the adventure begins. There's a whole lot of magic and pretty decent comedy. I was actually bored when I went on with watching the first couple of episodes, but it got better after that. It's a show good enough for the time it was made in. You can't really compare it with what we have these days. But I must say my parents love the show.

    Go for it if you have time enough to spare. Nothing really out of the ordinary though.
  • A bit sexist, but still cute!

    This show was kinda like a dream- for most men, to have a woman serve them and be at his constant beck and call while wearing a skimpy outfit. Now, back to reality. I Dream of Jeannie is a show that captured the imagination of most people who watched as it premiered in the 60's. It's one of the shows that you can forgive for being so cheesy because they do the cheese right! Major Nelson and his friend, Major Healy were a really big part of why I like this show. Jeannie, she could've been replaced by many beautiful faces, but their parts were very unique and therefore one needed to be very straight-laced while the other a typical goof.
  • She is a jeannie in a bottle.

    I have 15 years so the first time i saw the show it was because WB were having the recaps when i was \'bout 7 years.

    Anyway i love the show, it was funny all the things that Jeannie do just to \"help\" Tony and everything kust got out of the hands and the end Tony was the one who saves her.

    I love her mother and who she hate Tony and how, Jeannie\'s mother and her sister make TOny and Jeannie life imposible.
    The think i must enjoy it was when Jeannie and Tony married, i love that i know is very cheesy but anyway it was very lovable.
  • That is what makes the show a classic, good timely and delivery.

    Classic televison at its best! It started with black and white and moved to color. It made the transition to color with class. To properly assess this show you must look at the time period. It is light fun simple comedy. The show is consistent with the three main characters always being there for the full run of the show. The characters have depth and flaws. The relationships mature and develop with time. The plots are simple put have the proper elements in them to keep your interest. The delivery of the lines and facial expressions are outstanding. That is what makes the show a classic, good timely and delivery.
  • I liked this sitcom, it was cute and not too over the top. It was one of those shows where you can actually enjoy watching without feeling guilty about it later.

    This is one cute classic t.v. sitcom. Sure it was a bit sexist but what show wasn't back in the 60's. It was great and it was still funny. I don't think this could be redone today and last as long as it did. I Dream of Jeannie is a classic. I do wish it would have stayed on longer than it did. It was on before my time, I didn't really get to see it until they reran them on Nick @ Nite, that's when I saw most of the episodes. It's one show that I'll never get tired of.
  • An old show but is good

    A show about a female genius falling in love with her "master" and causing trouble. Is a good show and classic. I always have the oportunity to see this show but I don't take care of this show until two years ago. Is a good show and it's from the 60's & 70's.It has a good beggining and a good ending. I want that somebody can renew this show for the next generation and that they will have funny with this show. I see this show in TCM, Retro and Nickelodeon on Nick at Nite. And I also wnat that the shows of this generation will like to the future generations.
  • Loved as a kid!

    I loved this show when I was a kid
    Growing up in Miami along with my sibings
    It was a great show
    Loved Barbara Eden & Larry Hagman
    They were a great team and good chemistry
    Producers ruined the show though
    When both decided to get married
    Maybe they should had been married
    Towards the end of the series
    Wonder what their kids would look like?
  • da, da ...... da, da .. da, da, da

    One thing I remember most about this show is the theme song. It gets stuck in my head.
    da, da ...... da, da .. da, da, da

    I always thought it was a odd relationship that they had.
    I loved the trouble and mess that Jeannie always seemed to create and how she tried to get out of it and explain it.
  • I absolutely love this show!

    I absolutely love this show! It was before my time, but I used to love staying up late past my bed time to watch re-runs as a little kid. I thought that it was so cool that someone could have a genie living in their house, granting their every wish! I always believed that if I wished hard enough, I would get a genie of my very own.
    I always loved the fact that Jeannie was always trying to do what she thought was best for Major Nelson, but always seemed to mess everything up.
    I was so excited when Jeannie and Major Nelson finally got together and lived happily ever after.
  • I dream of Jeannie is an awesome show!

    I have been watching episodes of this series on Nick at Night and I have gradually fallen in love with the series. I thought that it would have been dumb since it was created over 40 years ago and the computer effects would have been terrible but that was not the case. In fact some of the tricks down by Jeannie look excellent. Roger Nelson is a very good actor and he is quite funny. Jeannie is just awesome. She is beautiful and funny. She also makes me feel sorry for her sometimes especially when Roger looks her up in her bottle.
  • This is one of my favorite shows on TV Land.

    I love shows like I Dream of Jeannie because the producers can use there imagination and make almost anything imaginable happen. Every episode is a new adventure. I love it when Jeannie and Major Anthony Nelson get married. I like how Jeannie always calls Tony Master. I thought it was funny when Roger found out that Jeannie was a genie. I loved how Dr. Alfred Bellows almost found out several times that Jeannie was a genie and when he didn't find out he was always curious. I wish this show would have made a lot more episodes, but I still watch the show anyway.
  • Magic Women of the 60s

    Few ep (09)
  • I Dream of Jeannie With the Blond Hair

    I loved this show when I was a little girl as well. I saw the black & white episodes as well as the ones in color. Thanks to sites like & Hulu, I can really have a good time watching the shows I used to watch when I was a little girl. And it's never a waste of time, either! Seeing shows like this again make me age slower. I'm so happy I get another chance in my life to watch these wonderful shows. Thanks
  • If I think of TV shows from the 1960s one of the first shows that pop in my mind is "I Dream of Jeannie".

    "I Dream of Jeannie" is a 110% better than it's rival show "Bewitched". Jeannie never did remakes on the same plot. Each Jeannie episode had a different plot. "Bewitched" on the other hand did different episodes on the same plot. Jeannie always made me laugh. I loved the episodes when Jeannie's evil sister Jeannie II made appearances on the show. Jeannie & Jeannie II are as different as night and day. Jeannie was more fun than Samantha (Bewitched) because no but Tony and later Roger knew that Jeannie existed for several seasons.

    The first season (b&w) were classics in my opinion. I loved the way Jeannie's bottle was decorated on the inside where she slept.

    A perfect family show!
  • One of the best sitcoms ever.

    I think that this show was underapreciate in its time because it wasnt as succesful as i believe it should have been. The entire cast gave great performances during the whole show and the plot was so much fun, for me this is one of the greatest show ever, even though it was before my time i watch the re-runs all the time because it never gets boring. The costume used by Barbara Eden was amazing and so it was her body. Lately are rumors about a future movie about the show and although i love it i wouldnt want to watch a bad movie just like it has happened with shows like "Bewitched" or "The dukes of Hazard"
  • i loved this show i bouht the first and the second season of this show and i like y pues esta chida

    tin tan ton tun no se que poner solo pues que me gusta el programa y que siempre lo veo a las 6:00am por TCM clasic holliwood y ya.

    and i´m going to buy the 3 season when? i don´t know how? i don´t know why? because i like it why? i don´t know a because the major Nelson was very handsome a and i loved the major Healy he was so funny maybe he wasn´t hansome or maybe yes but i loved him.

    Hmm if you like this show buy now and if you don´t like nimodo buy it now a and the nanny too.
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  • I loved I Dream of Jeannie. I have been watching it since it first started. I liked Jeannie played by Barabara Eden because she is one of my favorite characters in the show.

    The show I Dream Of Jeannie produced 139 episodes (109 were in color and 30 black and white).

    For years the main characters have remained in the story. Others came and went sometimes for short periods and sometimes for many episodes.

    They helped to make the story more exciting.
    Some of the main chracters were Jeannie, Major Anthony "Tony" Nelson and Major Roger Healey

    Each episode was a story on its own but it formed part of the whole story.
  • They were so cute

    I loved this show i wish i would come back but it had alot of copetition because of bewiched but it was great either way!She hecka liked him and the get married in the end awwwwwww it was a fantabulous show i only wish they would sell it on dvd now i could watch it over and over again
  • This was one of my favorite shows (in syndication) in the 70's; but today, I can't sit through a whole episode.

    It's funny how time changes your interests. In the 70's this was one of my "must see" shows during the day. Along with Bewitched and F-Troop. Now, I have a hard time sitting through the episodes. Maybe it's because I've seen them all many, many times; maybe it's because I had a cruch on Barbara, and now she's old...; or maybe it's because I can only see Larry as JR now. I don't know, but during it's time, it was good; wholesome entertainment.
  • Great old TV show about an astronaut that finds a bottle with a genie named Jeanie in it.

    Lots of fun and mishap in this show. Major Nelson crashes on a deserted island ... deserted except for a bottle with a Jeanie in it. Once he opens it he is in big trouble. Jeanie comes out and she doesn\'t always like to listen to her master (Major Nelson).

    Barbara Eden played Jeanie and was fantastically funny. Larry Hagman stared as Major Anthony \"Tony\" Nelson and Bill Daily was
    Major Roger Healey. Hayden Rorke was Colonel Dr. Alfred E. Bellows and he had suspicions about Jeanie being a genie. He was always trying to catch her in the act of casting some magic.
  • It's about the wonderfully crazy things that happen when an astronaut becomes Jeannie's master.

    For a show in the 60's, I Dream of Jeannie is absolutely amazing. It has evil sisters, magic, action, romance, comedy, and best of all it's in color. The situations that occur are completely crazy. It is somewhat like Bewitched only much more fun to watch. The acting is awesome and the characters are very charismatic. The show has perfectly clean humor like every other show in the sixities, making it great for families and individual viewers. After a few episodes it feels like you're going to visit old firends and that's what makes it so great. It's light, silly, and the hair is fantastic.
  • A classic and one of my favorites.

    I Dream of Jeannie was a classic. It had phenomenal acting, a cute plot, and was hilarious. Unlike so many shows today, I Dream of Jeannie had some of the best acting I've ever seen. Jeannie (Barbara Eden) was incredible. I don't think there was ever once that I didn't think of her as a genie. She portrayed her character perfectly. As well as did Major Anthony "Tony" Nelson (Larry Hagman.) The whole I Dream of Jeannie cast couldn't have done a better job. All the actors and actresses were a perfect match for their roles. So, obviously, I love this show. :P
  • The Best

    Following in the magical fantasy footsteps of Bewitched (1964-1972), I Dream of Jeannie was one of the classic sitcoms of the 1960s. Perched precariously between the conservative 1950s and the sexual revolution, it was both a paragon of wish fulfillment and a product of the Cold War and the Space Race, thanks to the memorable device of making the hero an astronaut. This four-DVD set collects the first season, consisting of 30 half-hour episodes.

    The concept is no doubt familiar to just about everyone thanks to endless years of syndication, but briefly, in the pilot episode Captain (later Major) Anthony Nelson (Larry Hagman) is shot off in a rocket for a mission, but something goes wrong and he's forced to land on a desert isle. Instead of Gilligan and friends, he finds a bottle that contains a genie named Jeannie (Barbara Eden). She immediately falls in love, and although Nelson frees her from her servitude, she's delighted to continue in his service back at Cocoa Beach, Florida. But a genie isn't the sort of thing you can explain to the Air Force, so Tony has to keep her under wraps. When Jeannie invariably makes trouble by trying to help, base psychiatrist Dr. Alfred Bellows (Hayden Rorke) is determined to find out what secret Nelson is hiding, or go nuts himself in the process.

    Initially, Tony Nelson was strapped with a fiancée, Melissa (Karen Sharpe), but she and her father (Philip Ober) were briskly written out of the series and were gone by episode 4. But Melissa does serve the purpose of setting up the theme of Jeannie's sexual jealousy and possessiveness over Tony. The show was fairly radical for its time, featuring a scantily clad young woman living with a man not her husband, and certainly not in a platonic relationship. Jeannie's attempts to appeal to Tony are the focus of some good episodes, such as G.I. Jeannie, in which she attempts to join the WAPs in order to become Tony's secretary. In The Americanization of Jeannie, she decides to remake herself in the model of women's magazines, and soon is out of control with Tony's credit cards, among other problems, an episode sure to rankle the feminists. In Too Many Tonys, she creates a second Tony, who's eager to marry her, which understandably causes significant confusion.
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