I Dream of Jeannie

NBC (ended 1970)





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  • Total Laugh Riot!

    When it comes to classic, older shows, one show comes to mind, and that show is I Dream of Jeanie. The show's jokes carry their weight though time and still come off as funny and well executed, instead of cheesy and tired like other shows of the 60's, even today. I used watch IDJ when I was child, and laughed at the jokes, and I still bust a gut every time I watch my DVD’s. The joke timing between Genie, Tony, and Roger is impeccable. Especially when Dr. Bellows is involved and trying to get Major Nelson to tell what is going on. Such as elephants in Tony’s room, Roger with frost bite, Genie’s dog Gingin attacking the general, Genie wanting to marry Tony, Genie playing with Dr. Bellow's mind with his dinner, the list goes on and on, and the moments instant classics. Heck...What little girl hasn’t tried to clean their room by blinking, or crossing their arms and moving their heads? Or rubbing bottles to find a genie of their very own? When it comes to the acters, I can't think of brighter, talented, well dispositioned, happier cast then the IDG crew...amazing chemisty between the main three folks (Tony, Genie, and Roger), with Tony's easygoingness and charm leading Genie on, Genie's spunk and grace smoothly mixing with Tony's more mature character, and Roger's tact and wit blending tightly for the perfect joke, and the most unforgettable cast I have ever seen on Tv thus making IDJ the ultimate feel good show for the ages! One more thing, doesent it seem like every generation of girls who the shpw always seem to fall in love with Tony? Me and my friends have and we are in our teens! Our mothers also liked the show and were in love with him also...hmmmm.
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