I Dream of Jeannie

NBC (ended 1970)





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  • Extremely Silly and Ridiculous, but Watchable

    I'm not going to get into the who is better debate because both this show and "Bewitched" have their merits and faults. To start with, the shows stars Barbera Eden who spends almost every episode in that skimpy costume bouncing all over the place as Larry Hangman bounces himself off the walls and furniture and screams his head off - an interesting start for a guy who brought J.R. Ewing to life. Hangman was a much better success doing Dallas, but I still have a hard time believing that slapstick he forced his body through. While not a bad comedy, "Jeannie" basicly gets stuck on parody while "Bewitched" broke ground doing sensitive issues and topics of the Sixties. Bill Daily was Hangman's stooge, the funny sidekick whose life we are never seen much of and then there is the late Hayden Rourke who looks a bit out of place as the straight man when the craziness erupts. Sometimes it seems his line for every episode is the same: "What is going on around here ? Oh, I'm sure you have an explanation." While it may not be Classic TV, it does qualify for Popular TV.