I Dream of Jeannie

NBC (ended 1970)





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  • I Dream Of Jeannie Is a classic and another favorite of mine. These shows should come on cable more often, the price of cable is so high that we should be able to get some better entertainment.

    I really love the classic shows such as I Love Lucy, Bewitched, Andy Griffeth, and of course I Dream Of Jeannie. Every season of Jeannie is fun and exiting and I never get tired of watching it. IDOJ season 3 is now available for pre order on Amazon and Walmart website and I have seen it at one other website and I cant remember the name of it. Amazons price is surprisingly cheaper than Walmart by two dollars and Amazon is offering free shipping as well with orders over twenty five bucks and that is great because IDOJ is 29.99 and so I went ahead and reserved mine for the release date on Jan,30 and I get free shipping, yea! Anyway I Dream Of Jeannie is a great classic and it is unfortunate that cable doesnt show these shows as much but at least we can order the box sets so that we can watch them anytime we want to. I also own Season 1 and 2 and a lot of the shows I have never seen before or cant remember watching them are on the sets that I have. I cant wait until I get into the later seasons when Tony and Jeannie get married, I remember seeing part of the episode, which I believe is a two or three part series but I havent seen all of it and it is fun when we can watch the shows in order. I used to love getting up in the morning to watch these episodes and then all of the sudden they stopped showing them. I have not seen Jeannie on cable in many months or years even and wished they would start showing good classic shows on televsion again.