I Dream of Jeannie

Season 1 Episode 17

The Richest Astronaut in the Whole Wide World

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 15, 1966 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Roger finally discovers the truth about Jeannie, steals and takes control of the bottle without Tony's permission. He then uses Jeannie for his own greedy purposes. He further refuses to give the bottle back to Tony. Since Roger continues working as an astronaut, Tony arranges a set up. So Roger gets suspected that his obvious wealthy is financed by foreign countries to whom he has given NASA-secrets in return. Roger isn’t clever enough to solve this problem and asks Tony for help …moreless

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  • OOPS!! What happens when, after discovering Jeannie's secret, Roger Healey becomes power hungry and steals Tony's bottle in order to command Jeannie?

    Another of my favorite episodes, this one is the first of two episodes where we see Roger Healey's true dark side (the other one being "How to be a Jeannie in 10 Easy Lessons" in Season 2.) I love how Roger just thinks only about the beautiful girls and the money, not taking into account that all of those things come with a heavy pricetag if acquired too easily. The way that Tony teaches him a lesson is pretty good. The comedic moments are amusing, though not as funny as some other episodes might be. If you like a more toned down episode as far as comedy, this one is the one. A few noteworthy things in this episode: this is one of the few times that General Peterson sides with Doctor Bellows, and that makes this a more memorable episode. Also, look for the one of the last appearances of Jeannie's power of recursion (the ability to turn back time a few seconds) in this episode.moreless
Gerry Lock

Gerry Lock


Guest Star

Nadine Nardi

Nadine Nardi

Italian Maid

Guest Star

Britt Semand

Britt Semand


Guest Star

Bill Daily

Bill Daily

Major Roger Healey

Recurring Role

Barton MacLane

Barton MacLane

General Peterson

Recurring Role

Hayden Rorke

Hayden Rorke

Dr. Alfred Bellows

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • When Tony is leaving Roger at his house, Roger throws his coat on the back of the chair, but it slides off.  Immediately, Roger sits down, and the coat is now on the back of the chair.

    • When Tony leaves Rogers office after Dr. Bellows hears him talking to the safe, Larry Hagman slams the door so hard that it causes something off-stage to fall.

    • The levitation board behind Roger is very visible when he is coming out of the levitation, and the sound of it landing on the floor is audible.

    • At the beginning of the episode, Jeannie doesn't blink, but merely looks at, the large vase to get it to move across the room, but the blink sound effect is heard.

    • Tony tells Jeannie "I love you" for the first time in this episode, after Roger has locked her in his safe.

    • Roger leaves Tony with the stolen bottle, carrying a coat with the hidden bottle in his hand. Tony notices the missing bottle and runs immediately after Roger, who carries the coat the same way. There was no time for ordering some magic. However, an unusual big limousine and two sexy female chauffeurs are already waiting for Roger.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • [Roger slowly finds out what his "pal" has been hiding all these months..]
      Roger: (to Jeannie) You mean, all Tony has to do is make a wish and he gets it?
      Jeannie: Yes.
      Roger: ANYTHING?
      Jeannie: Yes.
      Roger: Why, that dirty double-crosser! All this time he's had you, and never offered to share you with me?
      Jeannie: I told you, he did not wish to get anyone into trouble!
      Roger: Is that what he told you? Well, don't you believe it! You wanna know WHY? Because he's a miser! Because he wants to keep all the cars and all the beautiful girls and all the gold for himself!
      Jeannie: Oh, he did not wish for any cars or gold or beautiful girls!
      Roger: (incredulous) You mean to tell me he didn't wish for one single thing??
      Jeannie: No, he did not wish for any of these!
      Roger: Well, then I take it back! He's not a miser, he's STUPID! You know what this means? I could rule the world, single-handed, ME!

    • [after Tony leaves Roger's mansion and swimming pool..]
      Jeannie: (with great affection) Captain Nelson is a wonderful man...
      Roger: Yeah, he's not only a wonderful man, he's also a wonderful man with something crooked up his sleeve!

    • [on their way to Captain Healey's office to investigate his "sudden wealth"...]
      Gen. Peterson: You psychaitrists are always looking into the dark corners!
      You'll find that Captain Healey has a perfectly reasonable explanation- an uncle died and left him a lot of money!
      Dr. Bellows: I certainly hope not, sir.
      Gen. Peterson: What?
      Dr. Bellows: Well, according to our records, Captain Healey doesn't HAVE an uncle!

    • (while Roger is Jeannie's master)
      Jeannie: (to Tony) Hello, old master.
      Tony: (to Jeannie) Hello, old Genie.

    • Tony: You stole my genie.
      Roger: Ah, temper, temper, temper. I didn't steal her. I found her. Remember the old rule, finders keepers? You found her on the beach, and I found her on your coffee table.
      Tony: It was my coffee table.
      Roger: Well, fair is fair, You can have the coffee table. (grins)

  • NOTES (1)

    • This episode is significant not only because of the fact that Roger finds out the truth about Jeannie, it also allows Jeannie to have a friend who knows about her power, outside of her relationship with Tony.


    • Roger tricked Jeannie back into her bottle, in order to get her obedience afterwards. That's one of the rare moments in the series when a part of the original oriental Genie-tale is shown.

    • Roger finds Jeannie's bottle and plays with it (and ...). However: In the previous episode "Russian roulette" Roger already had Jeannie's bottle for a few seconds in his hands and looked onto it, before he gave it to Sonya.

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