I Dream of Jeannie

Season 1 Episode 17

The Richest Astronaut in the Whole Wide World

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 15, 1966 on NBC

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  • OOPS!! What happens when, after discovering Jeannie's secret, Roger Healey becomes power hungry and steals Tony's bottle in order to command Jeannie?

    Another of my favorite episodes, this one is the first of two episodes where we see Roger Healey's true dark side (the other one being "How to be a Jeannie in 10 Easy Lessons" in Season 2.) I love how Roger just thinks only about the beautiful girls and the money, not taking into account that all of those things come with a heavy pricetag if acquired too easily. The way that Tony teaches him a lesson is pretty good. The comedic moments are amusing, though not as funny as some other episodes might be. If you like a more toned down episode as far as comedy, this one is the one. A few noteworthy things in this episode: this is one of the few times that General Peterson sides with Doctor Bellows, and that makes this a more memorable episode. Also, look for the one of the last appearances of Jeannie's power of recursion (the ability to turn back time a few seconds) in this episode.