I Dream of Jeannie

Season 4 Episode 1

U-F-Oh Jeannie

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 16, 1968 on NBC

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  • A great season opener. (some spoilers)

    Usually, as shows age, they resort to gimmicks to get people to watch. Finding season 3 a mixed bag, I was hesitant to purchase season 4. I did so because of the "Laugh-In" tie-in. But having started to watch, I found this opener to be rather funny.

    Tony and Major Healy pilot a test ship. Jeannie blinks in and inadvertently sets the ship off course. It lands on a hillbilly farm.

    While the hillbillies are parodies of the Beverly Hillbillies (oversexed male, late 20-something playing a 14 year old who's supposed to get a date, gun-totin' granny, and so on), I found a number of jokes to come out of left field. I would say the "bear hug" line leading to the funniest as, given the pacing, it's impossible to think of the corny punchline before it happens and the result is a hearty belly laugh.

    Definitely worth watching for some good comic relief.
  • When Tony and Roger's space capsule lands off course in hillbilly country, the locals mistake the pair and their magical companion to be Martians. Dr. Bellows shares their belief when Jeannie blinks the astronauts to appear as invading aliens.

    "UFOhh Jeannie" is one of my favorite episodes of the series, and one that I never would miss while the show was still being aired. It contains one of the best examples of the physical comedy of Barbara Eden, who first has to dodge the unwanted advances of the hillbilly who thinks she is a Martian, then she steps on a rake which hits her in the face comedically knocking her out (looking very sexy while unconscious), then after being carried away by Tony and Roger, she drinks moonshine and becomes more of a problem than a help to the escaping astronauts, and finally does a great comedic cross-eyed faint. Everyone is perfectly within character, and logic beyond that never matters in a show like this.
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