I Dream of Jeannie

Season 1 Episode 11

Whatever Happened to Baby Custer?

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 27, 1965 on NBC
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Episode Summary

An 8-year-old boy, Custer, idolizes Tony. One day when making an unannounced visit, Custer sees Jeannie's magic at work. The little boy blabs almost immediately. Dr. Bellows learns about this and decides to use him to prove that the recent weird goings-on with Tony have some explanation. Of course, Jeannie uses her magic to cause even more trouble.moreless

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    Herb Voland

    Herb Voland

    Major Jamison

    Guest Star

    Bill Mumy

    Bill Mumy

    Custer Jamison

    Guest Star

    Grace Albertson

    Grace Albertson

    Mrs. Jamison

    Guest Star

    Hayden Rorke

    Hayden Rorke

    Dr. Alfred Bellows

    Recurring Role

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (4)

      • Both the blue and khaki uniforms Tony wears are missing his medals.

      • When Tony is levitating, a small board is visible behind his head; first, when he initially is tilted back to levitate, and second, when he lifts his head to look at Custer.

      • Custer (Bill Mumy) also appeared in Season 1 Episode 15 of Bewitched as Michael, the orphan kid who was brought home by the Stephens for Christmas and who did not believe in Santa Claus.
        He also played in Season 2 Episode 10 of Bewitched as young Darrin after Endora turns Darrin into a boy.

      • About 1 minute and 20 seconds since the beginning of the episode Capt. Nelson is driving through a street and we can see some tall hills on the background. There are no hills in Cocoa Beach.

    • QUOTES (6)

      • Tony: (exhausted after a day of Custer spying on him) To Jeannie: Dr. Bellows thinks I'm coming apart at the seams as it is. If you see any loose threads hanging off me, don't pull.

      • Jeannie: (Jeannie and Tony are dancing wildly to jazz music in the living room) You mean to say, this is the kind of dancing they do nowadays?
        Tony: Yeah, something like that!
        Jeannie: It is like our harem dancing!
        Tony: Yeah, only with more clothes on.

      • Tony: Jeannie, one of these days, you're going to go too far.
        Jeannie: Oh, have no fear, Master. I will always come back.

      • Custer: {Jeannie is giggling in Tony's kitchen} Didn't you hear that?
        Mrs. Jamison: Let's get home, dear. We've taken up enough of Captain Nelson's time...
        Custer: {as Tony is trying to steer Custer away from the kitchen} Boy, grown-ups sure have bad ears! It sounded like a girl giggling!
        Major Jamison: Er, that's enough! Now, thank Captain Nelson for explaining everything to you...
        Custer: (frantic) But he didn't!
        Major Jamison: (a bit embarrassed) Uh, well, he did to my satifaction, you'll understand when you're older, now come along!

      • Custer: Dr. Bellows?
        Dr. Bellows: Yes, Custer?
        Custer: Do headshrinkers give lollipops?

      • Mrs. Jamison: And then she disappeared?
        Major Jamison: In smoke!
        Custer: Let's go back and see Captain Nelson! I gotta find out how he does it!
        Major Jamison: CUSTER!
        Custer: I know- "restricted to barracks"... (he leaves the room)
        Major Jamison: Nancy, I simply cannot cope with him any longer! We need professional help for your son!
        Mrs. Jamison: My son? You're the one who ordered me to have a boy!
        Major Jamison: Uh-uh. Not this one!

    • NOTES (9)

      • The alternate title of this episode is "Whatever Became Of Baby Custer?".

      • This episode actually began with a sequence where Jeannie is trying to hide the fact that her Aunt Fatima is visiting, and "Master" doesn't know it {this is why Tony panics when Major Jamison tells him about "the new goldfish in the aquarium" later on}. This sequence was edited out of the "Nick At Nite" and "TV Land" editions, and began with the next scene, where Tony is seen driving up to his house. Now, the scene where Jeannie introduces Tony to "Aunt Fatima" is fully restored on DVD.

      • Bill Daily was not in this episode.

      • Filming of this episode was finished April 23, 1965

      • Billy Mumy had just began starring in the show "Lost in Space" when he guest starred in this episode.

      • This episode features the premiere episode's genie only animated opening sequence with music by Richard Wess

      • Irma Kalish also is known for writing scripts for "All in The Family"

      • Irma Kalish is also known for writing the script of the TV Movie Reunion "I Dream Of Jeannie....15 Years Later" in 1985 and scripts for the animated version of the show "Jeannie" in 1973.

      • The reason they used the "Bewitched" set for the Jamison's house was the show was filmed at the same studio Screen Gems (Columbia Pictures)

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