I Dream of Jeannie

Season 1 Episode 12

Where'd You Go Go?

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Dec 04, 1965 on NBC
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Jeannie accepts a date from Roger in order to make Tony jealous.

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  • One of the best from the first season. Nice to see Tony getting jealous for a change.

    I love this episode. We\'ve already been treated to seeing Jeannie getting jealous over the women in Tony\'s life in previous episodes. Now it\'s his turn. Irritated by the return of Tony’s ex, Diane, when Jeannie bumps (literally) into Roger and he immediately asks her out, Jeannie accepts in order to see how Tony will react (though she doesn’t tell him that her date is Roger). Her ploy works and Tony is furious, dragging Diane all over town in pursuit of Jeannie. He eventually tracks her down and is dismayed to find her dining with Roger. Roger invites Tony and Diane to join them and what follows is a great scene with Tony having to pretend that he’s never met Jeannie, yet visibly suffering as he watches her be very tender and attentive to Roger whilst Roger is completely enamoured of her. It’s played very well by Eden and Hagman, with the two of them behaving like the archetypal feuding couple whose arguing rather than being a symptom of true resentment is actually an expression of the strong feelings they have for one another. There are some very funny lines, like when Tony says “Diane, would you like to dance?” and when she says yes, he says, “Roger, would you dance with her”. Also the cryptic exchange between Jeannie and Tony when she says to Roger “I’m sure YOU would notice if you were having breakfast with a chimpanzee.”, a reference to an earlier scene when Jeannie turned herself into a chimp in an attempt to distract Tony from his morning paper (it didn’t work – he failed to notice!). To which Tony smiles shrewdly and responds, “Not if he were reading a newspaper.” Which quite naturally mystifies both Roger and Diane, and is a nice illustration of the relationship that Jeannie and Tony have. And it IS a relationship, something that Tony comes to realise for the first time during this episode which concludes with him dashing over to Roger’s apartment at the end of the evening in an attempt to break up his date with Jeannie, only to find she’s already left. When Jeannie learns of Tony’s actions she’s delighted that he cared so much, whilst Tony grudgingly relents and acknowledges that he WAS jealous, admitting “I’m only human” and kissing her.

    This rivalry with Roger continues for the next few episodes which provides much amusement, with Jeannie threatening to go out with Roger and Tony refusing to let her go, finally having her promise that she won’t go out with anyone – only to have her ask him to make the same promise! And the fun continues…moreless
Elizabeth MacRae

Elizabeth MacRae


Guest Star

Don Mitchell

Don Mitchell


Guest Star

Bruno Della Santina

Bruno Della Santina

Maitre d'

Guest Star

Bill Daily

Bill Daily

Major Roger Healey

Recurring Role

Hayden Rorke

Hayden Rorke

Dr. Alfred Bellows

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Jeannie doesn't recognize Roger until he mentions that he's an astronaut, even though she has seen him up close several times before this.

    • In the opening scene, Tony's car is in the driveway; when he goes to leave, it's parked on the street.

    • As the chimp throws oranges at Tony, the number of oranges on the plate increases instead of decreasing.  Also, there are no grapes in the dish, but Tony catches a bunch of grapes.

    • After Jeannie backs Tony's car into Roger's, you can see Barbara Eden's shadow as she gets in the driver's seat, replacing the stunt driver.

    • When Tony first drives to the base, the large sign on the side of one building is misspelled "Hanger No. 3." Shelters for aircraft are hangars, not hangers.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Tony: You're going out with a man and you don't even know his name?
      Jeannie: Oh, well, Master. I'm a grown woman. What is there to worry about?
      Tony: A grown man!

    • Jeannie: I have a date.
      Tony: With a man?
      Jeannie: They make the best dates.

    • Jeannie: (In his car at the base, Tony and Jeannie are discussing Diane Rodney) I shall turn her into a pillar of salt!
      Tony: You do, and I'll pour ink in your bottle!

    • Tony: (while he scolds Jeannie) Her brothers and I were best buddies when I was stationed in Texas. Diane was just one of the boys.
      Jeannie She does not look like one of the boys.

    • Jeannie: (after she has caused some trouble, when Diane has gotten too close to Tony and Tony was ready to scold Jeannie): Well, I have a right to protect what is yours.
      Tony: What's that?
      Jeannie: Me!

  • NOTES (1)

    • Jeannie returns to the bare-bellied costume, shedding the extra veils she wore across her torso to hide Barbara Eden's pregnancy.


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