I Dream

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I Dream

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This musical comedy features S club 8 as students at a top secret academy for the performing arts where everybody who's ever been anybody has spent a summer. Their head master Professor Toone is not your ordinary head teacher, as his philosophy is to have fun! Patrick is a teacher at the school, and although very strict at times he means well. Analie is the daughter of Toone, and is more then a friend then a teacher.
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  • As much as i'd like to enjoy this feel - good and bubbly show, i can't.

    Avalon Heights is a performing arts school in England where the students are all budding performers. The show revolves around a diverse group of teenagers (known to the Oceanic audience as S club 7) who come of age and just have fun in this school. This episode borders along the lines of a musical but although it features music; there're few songs and they don't progress the plot at all. Not that the plots are that good; if you've seen any show directed at teenagers just imagine British accents and you've seen all four episodes of this needless show. The acting on the whole just isn't that great; Christopher Llyod as Professor Toone who remains too underrated despite showing talent at confuddled and grizzled roles like in Back to the Future acts as more of a car navigation system programmed by failed advice gurus rather that lively and helpful Headmaster, everytime he opens his mouth it sounds like he should be in a rocking chair facing a window. The kids play the roles as written and the other adults look like they'd rather be anywhere else.

    Although it has it's moments; I, Dream is just another failed kid show.moreless
  • Who doesnt love a musical?

    Having just joined this site it seems that as I search for my favourite shows a reoccuring theme is emerging.. they have all ended!!!!

    My mother claims that its my fault.. but seriously can my taste be so different to the majority of the populations?

    I Dream is an awesome show that I stumbled upon while channel flicking (not knowing anything about its S Club origins).. it is a musical TV series.. which is amazing in itself and even though I am too old to freely admit this I find the songs enjoyable and after I first heard "I DREAM".. I could never stop singing it and am pretty sure the lyrics are imbedded in my mind.. such a shame that it ended.. if you cannot revive the original it would be nice to see someone take the concept and run with it!moreless
  • A show about kids attending a performing arts school during summer break

    I like this show. The acting is goos and the music is great. It gets stuck in your head, and you can't help but dance to it. At first I watched this show because i was a fan of S Club 8, but now i think I'll stay for the actual show. When I heard S Club 8 was going to be in a show i imagined it like how S Club 7 did it. How they were the main characters and then there were a few other new ones. But it looks like thats not the case here. Which kind ogf upset me. I was kind of looking foreward to them being the main characters. But it seems like the main characters are all the new people. In a lot of the episodes some people didn't even get to talk, which i also didn't like. Even if they weren't acting as a band, they could be friends and still be the main. So, this show is good. The acting was better then I thought it would be. And I really like the music. It's too bad they ended it because I was looking foreward to more acting from Hannah, Daisy, Aaron, and Rochelle. Also a possible romance between Frankie and Calvin. If they brought it back I would definetly watch it.moreless
  • To be honest, I would have preferred to spend my time elsewhere than finish watching this.

    To be honest, I would have preferred to spend my time elsewhere than finish watching this. However, I kept thinking that there is great potential behind this and I was half right. There was potential to say the least but this potential was poorly exploited leaving a show that is half decent. Nonetheless, you really have to see SHOW to get what I'm talking about.
  • i was really happy when i heard that s club 8 were going to have their own serie like s club 7! But i was expected to see hannah singing......


    i was really happy when i heard that s club 8 were going to have their own serie like s club 7!

    But i was expected to see hannah singing

    or acting much.I think it's not really good to see all the time the same people you know frankie nad calvin are always singing in s club 8 and even in the soap we've always seen them!ENOUGH!!!

    Ok thy're pretty and all things but hannah wasn't chosen in s club 8 just like that she must have something special so i think it's a shame for the people how always let the same playing,acting and singing!!!(when i said hannah i was aalso talking to daisy,rochelle,aaron and jay!)