I Dream

Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Thursday 5:00 PM Nov 25, 2004 on BBC
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The students are reworking 'Rapunzel' as a musical set on a council estate. Everyone takes on role that's outside their comfort zone. Ollie, as director, wants to loose the 'nice' reputation but will his new heavy-handed tactics work? And Calvin is hiding a Secret

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  • Excellent episode. The gang must put on a performance of Rapunzel with Ollie directing it. But Ollie quickly looses his ‘nice guy’ reputation when he takes some advice a bit too seriously.moreless

    I really like this episode. Ollie becomes a mean director, Felix and Amy are put in awkward positions and a secret about Calvin is discovered. It has some great lines and also some lovely scenes between Felix and Amy. There is only one song sung in this episode (Open Up My Heart – Felix and Amy) but I think it’s all it needs. The tune is very catchy and there are definite sparks flying between the two characters. I also enjoy the Calvin story line and the fact that he needs funny glasses to read, though I sympathize with him because I know what it’s like to be ashamed of your glasses. Great episode.moreless
  • This is one of my favourite episodes! To sum it all up, the gang all get assigned to perform the play Rapunzel. Ollie decides he wants to direct and turns into a monster in the process. Everyone gets to explore roles that they wouldn\\\'t even consider.moreless

    This is one of my favourite episodes! Funny how the only word they can come up with to describe Ollie is \\\'nice\\\' Amy\\\'s answer to Felix \\\"I can\\\'t say anything without swearing\\\" Nice one! Love the song that Amy and Felix sing too. Had it in my head all day. Calvin looks so cute in those glasses! One of the best eps!

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • The Song "Open Up my Heart" by Amy and Felix. Near the end where they have just come out of the entrace. You see Amy and Felix realy far away form the gate. But in the next seen you see Felix really close to the gate. And then Back futher way from the gate.

    • When felix is walking down the stairs after Amy and Natalie, he's wearing a tanktop and when they enter the class he's wearing a t-shirt!

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Felix: How come we get extra rehearsals?
      Amy: Ollie said we needed it.
      Felix: sighs He's become such a monster since he started directing.
      Amy: Totaly! Yesterday he said that when i act i'm a walking disaster.
      Felix: That's not true.
      Amy: Thanks.
      Felix: You're a disaster sitting down as well.

    • Amy: stops Felix in his tracks You're the man of my dreams. If this truely is a dream, i want to stay asleep forever.
      Felix: pause You're acting that right?
      Amy: Of course! laughs
      Felix: It's worth the climb just to see you. It's worth the climb just the be with you.
      Amy: pause You're acting that too right?
      Felix: Yeah. Would you believe me if i said i wasn't?
      Amy: No(!)

    • Daisy teaching Jay how to Plait Hair
      Daisy : It's just left over center and then right over centre.
      Jay: Okay,..eh..Left over..center and then right.....
      Daisy : No, no, no, no! You dont use the right that was the left, you use the right that was the right, you put the left over and then turn right.
      Ollie Enters
      Jay: Ollie, Can't Daisy do this? She's been Plaiting since the day she was born!
      Daisy: Well, not quite. I was Bald for a few months.

    • Ollie: Patrick? As we're streching ourselves, i'd like to have a go at directing it.
      Natalie: Directing?
      Ollie: Uh, yes.
      Felix: You mean telling us lot what to do?
      Amy: You mean being in charge?
      Khush: You mean being bossy?
      Natalie: Being pushy?
      Felix: Being powerful?
      Ollie: pause Yes?
      Amy: But your Ollie.
      Ollie: Yes.
      Amy: Well, you're nice.
      Ollie: So?(!)
      Khush: Your're...VERY nice.
      Felix: You're too nice.
      Ollie: thinks Yeah, maybe you're right. I'll be the narrator as usual. walks out
      everyone is silent
      Khush: Were we not nice?

    • Ollie: Felix the prince and Amy the princess
      Felix: No way!
      Ollie: And that will involve a kiss
      Amy: No Way!

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