I Dream

Season 1 Episode 13

Toone in love

Aired Thursday 5:00 PM Dec 16, 2004 on BBC
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Toone in love
Avalon Heights is in trouble - but Toone finds not only a new backer, but love as well. Natalie discovers, however, that his new woman is more interested in the Avalon Heights title deeds than Toone's eternal love. Will Amy and Natalie join forces to bring her down before it’s too late?moreless

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  • Avalon Heights is Closing, And Toone\\\'s future wife is an Fraud. This and More in a Bollywood Twist. Why is this Episode Fantastic?

    This episode was based on a BollyWood type-of-style. This episode is one my favorites because of the great Choreography used. How many show ends with a BollyWodd Twist. I can't name any at all. And the Storyline always keeps you on the edge of your Seat. I love the way how they use a different theme to end the series. But the best bit is all the conflicts and problems that have been going on since the first episode finally resolve here. Amy and Natalie that have been fighting throughout the series finally become friends, when Amy discovers that Natalie isn’t so superficial and Amy isn’t so bossy. Also Amy and Felix secret crushes on each other finally are revealed to another by a kiss. The episode is very romantic like with Toone falling in love, Amy and Felix finally become a couple and all the Songs which are Be my Lollie, So Gifted and He loves Her.And there is a lot of Funny sayings in this, but the only thing I was annoyed at was Lollies acting, it was horrible. The only thing I wished was that Calvin and Frankie finally sang the theme song Dreaming. But I love the Dancing best of all the moves were outstanding. Overall this was a extraordinary series finale and I wish there was another season of this incredible show.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • Near the end of "Be My Lollie," Calvin and Khush are dancing to Toone's right. But in the next shot, Amy and Aaron are dancing at Toone's right and Khush and Calvin are spottd at the back left of Toone.

    • If so many now-famous music stars attended Avalon Heights (as Toone and the other teachers say), then how come not one of them made any sort of financial donation or organised a fundraising event to help save the school?

    • In Amy's and Felix's song, seemed a bit off. Certain scenes didn't seem to fit, and Amy's sync was also very off. She would stop and her bit would still be going on for a few seconds.

    • After the first bit of the song, where Toone goes off with Lollie to sing together, Aaron is seen bowing, and when reaching the bottom, next scene has him stood up and laughing- of cause to fast to happen in real life.

    • Near the end of 'Be my Lollie' Calvin is seen continuously looking at the camera.

    • Near the end of Toone's song, after he kneels down to sing. The girls in the background are far away, then close, then far away and it continues a few times. Each scene was too fast for them to go forward and back.

    • When Jay and Calvin lead Toone away in the opposite direction on that horse, there are some people really close to Jay. However, next scene shows no one near Jay at all.

    • In the last verse in the song "I Want You Around", Amy and Felix are standing by the microphone. Felix is on the left, and Amy is on the right. When the angle switches, and we're about to see them kiss, we see Amy on the left, and Felix on the right, and they've stepped away from the microphone. It couldn't have happened that quickly.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Felix: Any sign?
      Ollie: Nothing!
      Felix: Maybe we should say something to Toone.
      Ollie: Like what? Can you hang on a minute while we work out if your lovely bride's a con-artist? I don't think so!

    • Amy struggles with writing a love song for the wedding
      Felix: You know what your problem is don't you? It's too abstract. It needs to be more real. You should write it about someone you have real feelings for.
      Amy: Well uh, i feel like punching you right now so hows that?(!)

    • Patrick: What a summer aye?
      Toone: Not bad, not bad at all
      Frankie: Professor Toone, it was the best.
      Calvin: The best

    • Analie: So dad. I got my dancing shoes, will I be able to use them?
      Toone: On a day like today at Avalon Heights. I think so.

    • Amy: Our love song...did you mean it?
      Felix: Well lets just say. They don't call me Mr. Sincerity for nothing.
      Amy: Ha. Who doesn't? The same deluded fools that call you, Mr. Reliability, and Mr. lend me a tenner and I'll pay you back.
      Felix: Amy, shh
      The two then kiss

    • Analie: Never forget Avalon Heights, this place is forever!

  • NOTES (12)