I Hate My Teenage Daughter

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 9:30 PM Nov 30, 2011 on FOX
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Annie and Nikki have to choice between punishing their daughter's bad behavior, or letting them go to their first high school dance.

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  • What I Love and Hate About "I Hate My Teenage Daughter"

    I know I'm going against everyone, TV critics, people on here, and I know I'm going to get thumbs down for reviewing it highly, but being honest, I loved it!

    Jamie was amazing as Annie. She was funny and witty and I love the stories of how she was raised, it was very original and funny. I extremely loved Katie in the part of Nikki. She was scene stealing, hilarious, and kind of seemed like a stage mom who was just pushing her daughter to be popular. This show is original, and edgy why still having an old sitcom feeling, and it is genuinely funny.

    Ways the show could improve, are with the other characters. The daughters are to mean. There can be funny mean, but the girls are more painful to watch mean, they need to be toned down. The ex-husbands, also needs to be fixed. Annie's ex is annoying, and cliche, and Nikki's ex-husband is funny, but very one dimensional. Also, they need to fix Annie's ex-husband's brother. He is very forgettable. I don't remember his name or much about him except he's a lawyer.

    Other then those this the show was funny and was good, and the talents and performances of Jamie Pressly and Katie Finneran were good enough to over shadow the shows flaws, and i got a handful of good laughs out of this episode.moreless

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    • (talking to Annie)
      Jack: Your a good mom-an ok mo-you try!

    • (shoving her face with pie)
      Jack: Come on Chelsea! Use a fork your not a bear!

    • Matt: I don't think they're gonna' be giving you anymore trouble. We took care of it.
      Gary: We did what any good parent would do: we let e'm express their feelings and more importantly...we listened.
      Matt: We gave e'm 100 bucks to get e'm to stop yelling at us.
      Jack: I know I can be overbearing and I tend to tell people what to do all the time but I'm going to stop. Right after this. Come on, Nikki, use a fork. You're not a bear!
      Annie: You want something to drink?
      Jack: No. I gotta' get going. I have a date.
      Annie: Is it serious? It can't be that serious, I haven't seen you with anyone. Is she cute? How old is she?
      Jack: You know, I really should get going, but we're good, right?
      Annie: Yea. We're great, we're awesome!
      Nikki: (laughing) Is She Pretty? Am I pretty? Do you wanna' get married?
      Annie: (gives Nikki "the look"): Eat your pie, Yogi.

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