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  • A tough pill to take but it is not so bad in the end... nor great

    Just some thoughts on it; not a review per se.

    I enjoy the fact that they hate their daughters openly. They are human beings that can be offended by people no matter how much they love them and still resent that offence.

    The other thing the show does well is remembering the past of the two main characters. I'm about to get thirty and when I talk to the few friends I have, we tend to remember things about high school quite a bit.It is not the best show on the planet but it is cynical and I like cynicism.

    High school made me cynic
  • I hate my shallow sitcom

    Nothing says funny than a laugh track howling out to tell you when a 'joke' was made. Dear lord, why did poor Jamie sign up for this stone dead shambles. The plot is wafer thin so they can do away with character development and get right to the laughs.. but its all situation and no comedy.. everyone is unlikable and unreal.. there's nothing to connect too.. unless you are unfortunate enough to be shallow or unpleasant.
  • Review for Pilot

    The first episode was great! Another good FOX program. Great sitcom
  • Review for pilot.


    Very nice episode. So series is about two mothers and their relationships with their daughters. One mother is from very conservative family, so she even couldn't go to dances, other wasunpopular and overweight.

    Now they want to give their daughters everything that they missed. Their daughters grew spoilt and now able to manipulate mothers.

    So sitcom is promising and jokes are funny!