I Just Want My Pants Back

MTV - Music Television (ended 2012)


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  • Didn't think I would bother watching this one, turns out, I was pleasantly surprised.

    Really not that bad. The writing is fresh and exicting, and the cast puts a lot of effort into the characters. It doesn't try to hard (Skins US) and also knows when to (and not to) take itself too seriously. This show has real promise, and since both Teen Wolf and Awkward have been renewed hopefully MTV gives this one a shot since they seem to want to keep a good word of mouth about their scripted programming.

    There's only been 2 or 3 episodes..but so far so good. Not too much to complain about. I'm assuming when he finds the girl again and they start dating (I'm pretty sure she didn't mean to give him the fake number) that his best friend will start to like him, he seems to be real important to her. Then again..maybe this show wont be that predictable. Hopefully the keep the post-Jersey Shore timeslot if a season 2 happens
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  • Was a great show, hopefully it will be seen again.

    I Just Want My Pants Back was a great show, and one of the most original on MTV. The characters were all relatable, as were the situations they went through, the dry comedy throughout the show was entertaining, and each storyline was brilliantly written. It was surprising coming from a channel that prides itself with Jersey Shore or The Inbetweeners to come up with something like this. I would definetely pick up the DVD and watch this show, because it has all the workings of a cult favorite.