I Know My Kid's a Star

Thursday 10:00 PM on VH1 Premiered Mar 20, 2008 Between Seasons


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  • Once again, girls tipped the scales & won!

    After seeing this show, the scales were unbalanced against the boys & man as each of them got eliminated. Now that it's a mother daughter competition, Danny Bonaduce's more like David Ruphrect (Supermarket Sweep). Eat your heart out Geoff Edwards & Betty White! In the past 12 years, girls have dominated game/reality shows (Jeopardy!'s exempted). Peer Pressure & Pressure had an almost girls sweep the series, Wheel of Fortune's Teen Week has nearly a girls sweep, a special diva episode of America's Most Talented Kids & an almost sweep on American Juniors. The last time that boys (under 18) ever competed against each other (Jeopardy!'s exempted) was a CBS Saturday morning game show called Secrets of the Cryptkeeper's Haunted Mansion, back in 1996! We are WAY overdue! That overdue moment waited 15 years when the HUB's Game of Life had a match between father/sons.
  • good show for children and parents that wanna get into hollywood...

    Former child star turned reality show star Danny Bonaduce seeks out the next under 18 talent and parent willing to tackle Hollywood. this show is basically about a bunch of children and parents that want to be the next kid star and think they have what it takes to get to hollywood. they come on this show and learn about the trials and tribulations and hardships of what it takes to try and get into hollywood. its interestin to learn about celebrities and know how u can tell how they turn out while they are still young. thius show is good for people even if they dont wanna enter hollywood it teaches us alot of things about celebrities and how the current stars probably were in their youth...
  • This show pits child-against-child in talent and parent-against-parent, each who believes their child is the next big child star, despite the fact some of them seem to have very little talent for show biz. May the best child/parent team win!

    We watched the first episode and got a few laughs out of it. The parents are the ones to watch! Some seem to honestly care about the well-being of their kids, but others are cut-throat...feel sorry for the kids of those. Seems like the parents are trying to see their kids succeed where they failed...much like school sports. Some of the kids actually have talent. It will be interesting to see where this season leads to. Won't be surprised to see a knock-down, drag-out fight between "Rocky" and someone. She's one tough cookie. Fortunately, it seems her daughter is able to stand up to her. Let's just hope her daughter (and some of the other kids) don't end up with permanent scars as a result of their parents' pushing. But, there might actually be a star arise from this. Let's just hope he/she has a supportive parent(s) in a positive way...