I Love Lucy

Season 3 Episode 4

Baby Pictures

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 02, 1953 on CBS

Episode Recap

Ricky arrives home with pictures of theirson. Lucy and Ricky beam with pride as they look at the pictures, both agreeing how much better their baby pictures are than those of the Appleby's. Ricky then announces that the Applebys will be dropping by and then they would be able to see their baby pictures. Finding out for the first time that they would be having company, Lucy objects to the Applebys coming over, citing that her house in no shape for guests. Ricky then explains that Charlie wants to discuss a televised variety show that he wants Ricky to do. Lucy relents and Ricky suggests that they show the Applebys their baby pictures when the Applebys pull out theirs. Lucy insists that their pictures are not to be shown to anyone because of a vow that she and Ricky had made before they became parents: that they would not subject others to pictures of their child.

In a very delayed reaction, Lucy finally acknowledges Ricky's announcement regarding the televised variety show and begins to badger him about it. Ricky assures her that he has nothing to do with the hiring of the talent for the show. Later, the Mertzes arrive, looking at the baby pictures, much to Lucy's dismay. The Mertzes argue that they should be allowed see the pictures since they're Little Ricky's godparents. Lucy concedes, but says the pictures cannot be shown to anyone else.

Upon their arrival, The Applebys waste no time doting over their 13-month-old son Stevie--in spite of the Ricardos' attempts at changing the subject. They soon whip out pictures of the baby and begin showing them to the Mertzes and the Ricardos. Lucy and Ricky resist the temptation to exhibit their photos of their own baby boy, that is, until the Applebys begin insulting Little Ricky, suggesting that he was "all red and pinched and funny-lookin.'"

The next day, Lucy decides to drop by Carolyn's apartment unannounced, with Little Ricky in tow. It isn't long before the twomoms get into an argument over whosebaby is more adorable and an insult match ensues. Lucy and Little Ricky leave. Later that evening, Lucy discusses the events at Carolyn's earlier that day with Ethel, who reasons that the fight between Lucy and Carolyn would adversely affect Ricky's opportunity to be on the television show. Ricky arrives home from rehearsal for the show, which is to be broadcast the following night. Lucy tries unsuccessfully to convince Ricky that TV is just a fad and that it isn't all it's cracked up to be. Ricky doesn't buy it and says that he'll take his chances, so Lucy pretends to make a phone call to Charlie and relays the bogus news that the cameraman has contracted the mumps and the studio will have to be quarantined for a couple of weeks. Before she finishes her phone conversation, however, the phone rings, alerting Ricky that the phone call wasn't real. Ricky then answers the phone (despite Lucy's attempt to disconnect the call by gnawing on the telephone cord) and learns the truth from Charlie: that Lucy and Carolyn had a fight and that Charlie doesn't want Ricky to do the show anymore. Ricky demands that Lucy fix the situation by figuring a way to get him back on the television show.

The next night, Ricky performs on the television show after all. At the end of his number, he introduces Lucy and "her" idea of "the most beautiful baby in the whole wide world"--Little Stevie Appleby!