I Love Lucy

Season 1 Episode 2

Be A Pal

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 22, 1951 on CBS

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  • This episode is funny and one of the many Lucy episodes I like. When Lucy imitates Fred clearing his throat during the card game, that only starts the hilarity. After they start playing the record and Lucy starts to dance, the laughs keep coming.

    I Love Lucy was one of the greatest shows ever. When people think of what television is like today, this should be used as a reminder. What a hit this turned out to be. A scatterbrained wife who wanted to make it big in the world, despite influence from her bandleader husband. Whoever thought that this series would be as successful as it was. Even nearly 60 years later it is still one of the best. Though, some of the episodes were odd, there were some that were used from the radio version of "My Favorite Husband." And yes, I Love Lucy was a radio program also.
  • Lucy fears that Ricky isn't interested in her anymore.

    It all started in the morning.When Lucy was trying to talk to Ricky.However she ended up talking to the newspaper,more than him.Ethel comes seeing how lucy is an bit depress.Ethel brings an book that gives advice.Lucy at first doesn't believed it.But than she start to follow advice of the book to do whatever Ricky likes.She decided to be part of the poker game.However she doesn't know how to play Poker.Ethel teaches her how.Lucy started to play with Ricky and the guys.Seeing how that game failed.Than Lucy was thinking that Ricky misses Cubia.So she decided to make the house,looked cubian kind with the song "I Want My Mother"

    Heh this was an silly episode.
  • Lucy does anything she can to make sure their honeymoon is the best, including dressing up in silly costumes, like the really tall fruit basket hat!

    This episode is just one of many of Lucy's classic episodes. I remember this episode very clearly and is absolutely hilarious, and has to be one of my favorites. So classic they turned her into a barbie doll! Most shows don't have an excellent start. Usually it takes until the middle of the first season for it to take off, but not with this show. This is only the second episode of the first season. What a wonderful way to start off!