I Love Lucy

Season 1 Episode 2

Be A Pal

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 22, 1951 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • In her attempt to make Ricky feel he's back in Cuba Lucy redecorates their apartment, however she not only adorns the apartment with Mexican artifacts, she lip syncs to the Brazilian song "Mama Eu Quero" which is sung in Portuguese. None of the decorations seen nor food platters mentioned by Lucy are Cuban.

    • The following celebrities were in the audience during the taping: Carmen Miranda, Shelia and Gordon MacRae, Jack and Mary Benny, Rosalind Russell, Van Johnson, Eve Arden, and Ginger Rogers.

  • Quotes

    • Lucy: Oh, forget that book, will ya? As far as I'm concerned, Dr. Humphreys can go jumphreys! This morning Ricky didn't even speak to me.
      Ethel: He hasn't been speaking to you in the morning for weeks.
      Lucy: Well, it was the way he didn't speak to me this morning.

    • (Ethel reads from a book written by Dr. Humphries.)
      Lucy: I wonder where Dr. Humphries ever met Ricky.

    • Ricky: That's the reason I married you - because you're so different than anyone I've known in Cuba.
      Lucy: Who'd you know in Cuba?

    • (Lucy offers cards around the table.)
      Fred: I'm fine.
      Lucy: You look tired.

    • (Lucy is at Ricky's poker game.)
      Lucy: My this is a problem. (looks at cards)
      Ricky: Honey, please, you're holding up the game.
      Lucy: Well, I can't decide whether to throw away my two queens or my three kings.

    • (Ethel describes poker to Lucy.)
      Ethel: It's a lot like hearts, only you bet, and there isn't any old maid.

    • (Ethel reads from the book by Dr. Humphries.)
      Ethel: If he hunts, take up hunting. If he fishes, take up fishing. If he golfs, take up golfing.
      Lucy: Ricky plays poker. I'll have to take up poking.

    • Ethel: Is everything okey-dokey?
      Lucy: No, everything is inky-stinky.

    • (Ricky is reading the newspaper again and not paying any attention to Lucy.)
      Lucy: I want a divorce!
      Ricky: That's nice, dear.

    • Ethel: Did you and Ricky have words?
      Lucy: We had words all right, but they were all mine.

    • (Ricky is engrossed in reading the newspaper while eating breakfast.)
      Lucy: You are back there, aren't you?

    • Lucy: You like?
      Ricky: No I dun't.
      Lucy: Oh, you dun't?

  • Notes

    • Blooper: During the scene when Lucy and the guys play Poker, you can very clearly hear a crew memeber cough loudly.

    • Most episodes from the first season are based on the radio show My Favorite Husband which starred Lucille Ball and Richard Denning. These will be noted as follows:

      My Favorite Husband: "Be Your Husband's Best Friend"

    • Songs: "Mama Yo Queiro"

    • Lucille Ball asked Carmen Miranda for permission to impersonate her before filming the comedy routine.

  • Allusions

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