I Love Lucy

Season 3 Episode 20

Bonus Bucks

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 08, 1954 on CBS

Episode Recap

The newspaper is holding Bonus Bucks contest, if you have a dollar bill whose serial number matches that of the one in the newspaper, you can win some cash. Lucy and Ethel go all over town getting dollar bills to check, leaving no bill unturned. Fred and Ricky get in on the contest and surprisingly Ricky has a buck worth $300 dollars. Feeling Lucy's disappointment because she didn't find it, he slips it into her purse while she sleeps. The next morning Lucy gets a grocery deliver, she assures the delivery boy that she's already checked all her bills, she pays him and he leaves with his deliver for the Mertzes. A few minutes later, Ethel comes tearing into the Ricardos screaming that she found a buck and won $300. Lucy is jealous at first but is then happy for Ethel. That changes when Ricky awakes from all the noise the girls are making. He has news, Lucy also has a bonus buck. They deduce that Lucy gave the winning buck to the grocery boy who in turn gave it to Ethel. Fred and Ethel point out that possession is 9/10ths of the law, so Lucy grabs the buck and says she's possessed. Lucy and Ethel fight over the bill and accidentally tear it in half. Ricky, the voice of sanity, tells them that they should split the $300 and everyone will be happy. They all agree to go to the newspaper office together.
Ricky goes to shower and Lucy gathers dirty clothes for the laundry guy to pick up. The couples are ready to go to the newspaper, but Ricky's half of the bonus buck is gone! It was in his pajama top pocket which Lucy gave to the laundry delivery man. Lucy and Ricky decide to go to the laundry place while Fred and Ethel wait for them at the newspaper office. Any expenses will be taken out of the winnings. Lucy and Ricky try frantically to get past the front clerk at the laundry shop, but he won't let them pass. So, in disguise, they sneak in but are discovered just as Lucy finds their half of the ripped dollar bill. The employees chase Lucy around while Ricky tries to run interference. She jumps on a conveyor belt to get away, but it's too fast, she can't stay ahead of the shoot that it's going toward. When she loses her battle with the conveyor belt and disappears into a doorway, Ricky asks where it goes, unfortunately it goes to the starch vat. Cut to the newspaper office where Ethel and Fred wait with anticipation. To their relief, Ricky comes bounding through the door with his half of the winning dollar. The newspaper man checks it and declares it's the Bonus Buck, he gives them their $300 dollars. Ricky cuts their celebration short when he tells them of the expenses incurred. With the taxi costs and the damages from the fiasco at the laundry shop, there is only one dollar bill left of the winnings. Lucy comes walking in, stiff as a board and starched from head to toe and takes her hard earned winnings.