I Love Lucy

Season 1 Episode 18

Breaking the Lease

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 11, 1952 on CBS

Episode Recap

The Ricardos and Mertzes are having a spirited singalong, singing "Sweet Sue". Lucy worries that the tenants might complain of the noise because it's two in the morning. Fred tells Lucy to let the tenants complain because he isn't home. Everyone spends time complimenting everyone else.

The Mertzes leave and the Ricardos continue singing, but the singing is interrupted by a phone call from the Mertzes calling to complain with Fred stating that it's horrible.

The Ricardos head to bed, but the problems don't stop there. Lucy likes to sleep with a window open while Ricky likes it closed. Their fight over the window causes Fred to call and complain about the noise they are making. They decide to go to bed, but once in bed, they are bothered by the shower dripping. Thought he tries to ignore it, Ricky can't take it, leading him to try and fix the shower. So, he tries to fix it, but the pipe breaks leaving Ricky drenched. Again, the Mertzes call about the noise that Ricky is making when he's banging on the pipes. Tempers flare with the Ricardos saying they're going to move. Both sides are happy with this news.

The next morning Ethel comes over, but when Lucy answers the door, she slams the door in Ethel's face. Using her own key she comes in to pick up her diamond rings that she left on top of the piano. She also wants a check for the next five months rent so that the Ricardos can pay off their lease. According to Ethel, she will fumigate the apartment and redecorate and that is going to take the next five months rent to pay for.

When Ricky comes home, they decide to become the most disagreeable people in the world in order to break the lease. The next day when Ricky comes home, he and Lucy continue a schedule of tormenting the Mertzes by stomping their feet, slamming furniture, and prank calling. When Ricky mentions that he's going to be late coming home because of a late rehearsal, Lucy suggests that he bring the band over to the apartment. The apartment is full of people besides the band leading Lucy and Ricky to wonder where they came from. It ends up that the Mertzes were down on the street selling tickets. During "El breako The Leaseo" the Mertzes come up decorated with ceiling pieces and a chandelier to hand over the lease because they give up.

As Lucy and Ricky pack, they wonder what to do about the items they've borrowed from the Mertzes. Looking sad, the Mertzes come by to say goodbye and return the items they have. Anger changes to tears as Lucy and Ethel reconcile. Lucy requests a long lease so they aren't ever kicked out and Fred obliges. The Mertzes help the Ricardos upack.