I Love Lucy

Season 6 Episode 23

Building a B.B.Q.

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 08, 1957 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Lucy has a problem deciding what to do to get her vacationing husband, Ricky, out of her hair so she can do her housework. She and Ethel solve the problem by putting their husbands to work building a barbecue.

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  • tv in my phone!!!

    Pretty cool
  • Awesome

    hello this was great
  • Ricky teaches Lucy,an lesson.

    Ricky has an day off bored watching Lucy doing her daily chores.He see's Lucy puting the wedding ring aside.He tells Lucy,that if she leaves her wedding ring around.She could lose it! Lucy tired of seeing Ricky doing nothing.She plans to start making the barbeque grill.If Ricky see's her doing it.Than he would do it.Lucy ended up helping as well.After everything was over.Lucy relized that her wedding ring is missing and could be in the cement of the bricks.So in the middle of the night.Lucy and Ethel,start breaking down the bricks trying to find the missing ring.Ricky reveals that he tooked the ring to teach Lucy,an lesson.But the ring is still missing.But in the end the ring was in the hamburger.It was funny,I liked the part when Ricky refer the two girls as Hurricane Lucy and Ethel.moreless
  • It is Ricky's vacation and Lucy is trying to find some thing Ricky could do to have fun. Lucy deices that Ricky can build a Bar B q. Ricky finds Lucy's wedding ring on a binch. He dides to hide it to teach her a lesson. Lucy goes to the bunch to put hermoreless

    Ring back on. Lucy's wedding ring is gone. Lucy and Ethel take the Bar B Q a part when Ricky and Fred are asleep. Lucy's ring is not there. They put it back togeather. This time it looks very different. Ricky finds out about the Bar B Q. He tells her he hid it in his shirt pocket to teach her a lesson. Ricky forgot about the ring and gave it to Little Ricky to use as a tie on his kite. Lucy finds her ring in her hamberger. The ring fell in there when Ricky was making the hambergers.moreless
  • ugh ... just that feeling of wet cement

    Don't you just hate that frantic feeling of losing something that means a lot to you? That feeling or kicking yourself while you are vowing not to ever misplace anything again. That feeling just goes through my head every time I see that episode. I feel bad for Lucy through the whole thing thinking that she lost her wedding ring. Ricky has to put the barbecue back together after Lucy ruins it. I feel bad for everybody involved. Ethel has to spend the entire night helping Lucy unbuild and build the barbeque... everybody but Fred got the short end of the stick. This episode just makes me cringe.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • The bathrobe that Ethel wears while digging through the bar-b-que is the same bathrobe that Ann Margaret will wear in an episode of Here's Lucy.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Lucy: Now Ethel, I'd do it for you if you'd lost your wedding ring.
      Ethel: If I lost my wedding ring, we wouldn't have to find it. We'd just have to buy another box of Cracker Jack.

    • Little Ricky: Daddy, let's fly my new kite.
      Lucy: (frustrated) Yeah, go fly a kite.

    • Ricky: When we got married, you said you will never take your ring off.
      Lucy: When we got married you said that dish water would never touch these lily white hands.
      Ricky: Well, I bought you a pair of rubber gloves, didn't I?

    • Lucy: What is that?
      Ricky: A piece of lint. You must have missed it with the carpet sweeper.
      Lucy: Thank you very much.
      Ricky: What do you want me to do with it?
      Lucy: Why don't you get yourself a scrapbook and start a lint collection?

    • Lucy: (to Ricky) Honey, why don't you call up little Freddie Mertz and ask him to come play with you.

    • Ethel: Oh, it's times like this I wish I'd have kept a diary.
      Lucy: Why?
      Ethel: Just so I could write "Dear Diary, Tonight I went out in the backyard in my nightgown and felt wet cement".

    • When everybody is looking at the rebuilt barbecue
      Fred: Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle!
      Ricky: (shouting) NEVER MIND ABOUT YOUR RELATIVES!

    • Ricky: (to Lucy who has lost her wedding ring) I'll buy you a new ring with big diamonds all around it.
      Lucy: (weeping) I don't want a new ring with big diamonds all around it. I want my old ring with the little diamonds half way around it.

    • Ethel comes back to help Lucy finish putting the BBQ back together.
      Lucy: Gee, Ethel, thanks. It's times like this when you know what friends are for.
      Ethel: If I had known this is what friends are for, I would have signed up as an enemy.

    • Fred: Ethel did you take part in these shananigans
      Ethel: Yeah I did, and I'm dead tired from being up all night lifting them heavy bricks and if you say one more word to me about it Fred Mertz I'm gonna take you apart and put you back together again!
      Fred: I just asked, Honeybunch.

  • NOTES (1)

    • In real life, when Lucy and Desi eloped in 1940, he bought her a brass ring but later had the same ring recovered in platinum.