I Love Lucy

Season 6 Episode 23

Building a B.B.Q.

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 08, 1957 on CBS

Episode Recap

Ricky is on vacation, and he has nothing to do but annoy Lucy when she's doing housework. She decides to get started on the barbecue Ricky and Fred were going to build. Lucy and Ethel try to get them to work on it themselves, but the girls end up having to mix the cement. Afraid she'll lose her wedding ring, after the many times Ricky has found it in unusual spots, Lucy sets it on the bench. Ricky finds it and decides to teach Lucy a lesson by hiding it. Later, after the barbecue is finished, the girls bring meat out to cook, but the cement is still wet. Lucy then discovers her ring is missing, and she and Ethel think it fell in the wet cement. At night, they sneak out and take the barbecue apart, but there's no luck. Lucy and Ethel try their best to rebuild the barbecue, but it doesn't fool Ricky, who goes outside to check on it. When he flips, everybody goes outback and tries to think of what may have caused the monstrosity. The girls think up lame excuses like "tornadoes and earthquakes." But Ricky doesn't fall for it, since they live in Connecticut. But he believes it's a "couple of hurricanes-Hurricane Lucy and Hurricane Ethel" that ruined the barbecue. Lucy finally confesses, but Ricky says that it's his fault for taking her ring. Little Ricky, who'd been flying his kite, comes running to everybody, saying that his kite flew away-and Ricky used his old working shirt (which had the ring in the pocket) for the tail. The gang looks all over for the kite, but it is long gone. When everybody finally sits down to eat hamburgers, Lucy finds her ring in the most unusual of places-inside the hamburger! Ricky finally realizes that the ring fell out of his pocket into the meat when he bent over to pick the pan up! Ricky slips the ring onto Lucy's finger and kisses her.