I Love Lucy

Season 4 Episode 23

Bull Fight Dance

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 28, 1955 on CBS

Episode Recap

Now that Ricky's movie, Don Juan, is shelved, his agent decides to play up the fact that Ricky has been married for 15 years. He asks Lucy to write an article for Photoplay magazine telling readers what it's like to be married to a Latin movie star.

Lucy gets the questions from the agent and Ricky tries to find out what answers she's giving for publication.

The agent then gets Ricky a spot as emcee for a benefit the heart fund is throwing. Lucy doesn't let the opportunity pass to get herself into the show too. This time, she even has the answers to the questions for the magazine as leverage. She's got a copy that tells how wonderful he is, the other copy tells of the dirty rat that won't let her be in the show. Ricky has no choice. He lets her in the show, on the condition she tear up the copy of her interview questions that shows him in a bad light. Finding something for a no-talent like Lucy isn't easy. They first try singing a duet, but that's a disaster from the first note. Ricky tells Lucy he just can't find anywhere for her in the show. She produces from her purse a copy of the negative review she's given Ricky, so he breaks down and tells her she can be in his bullfight dance number.

They start practicing and it doesn't take long for Lucy to realize she's going to be featured as a bull. As Ethel states, for once the bull will be full Lucy. A man from the art department brings out the bull head that Lucy's to wear, she's less than thrilled but agrees to do it anyway.

The night of the benefit, the Mertzes do a little act together. Ricky then takes center stage dressed as a matador. He starts singing of the brave fernando who's come to fight and kill the big bad bull. Lucy enters in a bull costume, nothing like what Ricky approved. She's taken the head of the costume and has remade it to look like a lovelorn female cow with horns. Ricky tries his best to get through his number while Lucy does everything to upstage him. The bull ends up beating the matador and Lucy takes off the head of the costume and takes her bow.
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