I Love Lucy

Season 4 Episode 23

Bull Fight Dance

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 28, 1955 on CBS

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  • Funny, but did they just have an old script left over from somewhere?

    The most remarkable thing about this episode is that it doesn't tie in with the Hollywood story line, it could have been an episode of one of the previous seasons. Ricky puts on a show, Lucy wants to get in it. This time she uses blackmail. The twenty-five minutes are filled with songs (including a rehearsal of one and its actual performance), several jokes resort to Ricky's unique pronunciation of the English language.

    Of course, everything is done with expert craftsmanship. The scene in which Lucy messes up the two songs sung at the same time, shows Lucy's talent. It isn't easy to get things correctly wrong ... One little line surprised me. Ethel refers to nonsense as bull. They couldn't say "pregnant" in the fifties, but had no problems with "bull" (and its obvious second part)?
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