I Love Lucy

Season 6 Episode 24

Country Club Dance

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 22, 1957 on CBS

Episode Recap

Against their wills, Ricky, Fred, and Ralph all are being dragged by their wives to a country club dance--all dressed in tuxedos and fancy dresses. When they get to the dance, the men make their displeasure at being there quite obvious to their wives. The wives insist that their husbands dance with the Munsons' cousin, Diana Jordan. The boys somehow find some vim and vigor to stay despite the lateness of the evening and practically begin fighting over who will dance with the young woman for the rest of the evening.

The next day, the girls sit at the Ricardos' dining room table and discuss the events of the previous evening and decide to become as glamorous as Diana, so that the men would pay them more attention to include exotic perfume, a Grace Kelly hairstyle and a tight-fitting dress. Meanwhile, at the Mertzes' guest house, the men decide that they had mistreated their wives and would make it up to them by making a special effort to be nice to them and dance every dance with the girls.

The next night, the girls arrive at the Ricardos'--Ethel is wearing her hair in a bun much like Grace Kelly, Betty enters smelling of perfume, and Lucy makes her grand entrance in a tight-fitting dress which prevents her from sitting.

At the country club, Lucy, Ethel and Betty beam with pride as they notice how attentive the boys have been--dancing every dance with them, bringing food to their wives, and going out of their way to ignore Diana. Lucy, however, becomes suspicious and convinces the other girls that something is strange about the boys' behavior. Ricky and Lucy get into a fight about this strange behavior and the girls go home. At the Ricardos', the girls discuss the night's events as they await the boys' return. As it turns out, Ethel and Betty never really wanted to leave the club in the first place, and the decide (along with Lucy) to return to the country club where the girls are ecstatic to overhear the men talk about how they had very little in common with the young Diana. The girls then insist that the boys go home with them and everybody leaves.