I Love Lucy

Season 1 Episode 28

Cuban Pals

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 21, 1952 on CBS

Episode Recap

Lucy is preparing for a visit of Ricky's friends from Cuba constantly worried about what they are going to think of her. Ricky comes home bringing Carlos and Maria Ortega what are very congenial. When Ricky leaves to get a bottle of wine Lucy carries on a one sided conversation because the guests don't speak English and Lucy doesn't speak Spanish. Ricky serves as translator between the two parties. The Ortegas want Ricky to dance with Renita, another of the dancers because her partner hasn't arrived in America yet. They used to do a dance together when Renita was younger, Ricky played her father. Lucy totally agrees saying that she would love to see Ricky and "little Renita" dance. But Lucy has second thoughts when Renita shows up as an attractive young lady.

The next morning the Mertzes come to collect the rent. Lucy asks their opinion about the situation between Ricky and Renita. The girls decide to disguise as scrubwomen to get into the club to watch the rehearsal.

At the club Ricky and Renita do a rumba together. The girls watch the dance as they pretend to be scrubwomen. Errors are bountiful as Lucy can't believe what's she seeing. A telegram comes saying that Ramon, Renita's partner has arrived in New York. Ricky wants them to the native wedding dance that he's heard so much about.

Lucy invites Renita over for tea. While she's powdering her nose Lucy tells Ethel about her plan to ditch Renita so she can rumba with Ricky herself. Lucy calls a cab for Renita and Fred arrives pretending to be the cabbie who is going to take a "shortcut through Philadelphia."

At opening night Lucy comes out to dance with Ricky in a beautiful costume but instead Ramon is dressed as an African warrior. Lucy spends the whole number trying to escape from Ramon but no matter where she goes she's chased. She leaps and faints in Ricky's arms.