I Love Lucy

Season 4 Episode 18

Don Juan and the Starlets

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 14, 1955 on CBS

Episode Recap

Ricky's new Hollywood publicity agent is not scoring any points with Lucy. He has a bunch of young starlets over to the Ricardo's hotel to take publicity photos. Lucy tries to wheedle her way into every shot, but to no avail. She tells the agent that he should be showing how happily married Ricky is. The agent replies by saying "but this movie is Don Juan. Don Juan is all about love, it has nothing to do with marriage."
The starlets leave for some poolside pictures, followed closely by Ricky and Fred whose practically drooling.
Ricky assures Lucy later that she can go to a premier with him. Her hopes are dashed again when the studio decides he has to go with all of those starlets to promote the Don Juan movie.
Late into the night Ricky arrives back at the hotel and finds Lucy asleep on the sofa and doesn't disturb her. He's gone again in the morning when Lucy wakes up. She's furious because she doesn't think he's been home all night. Fred tries to cover by saying he slept at the Mertzes. Ricky gets home and Lucy lets him have it. He tells her he was there and left early. He tries to prove it by showing her his bed was unmaid, but it was all made up. He then looks for the carnation he through in the trash and it's gone. He's just run out of rope when the maid knocks and asks if she can finish cleaning the room. Finally, a very appreciative Ricky has proof of his being home the night before.
Just as the Mertzes are leaving (when Lucy and Ricky are kissing and making up),Ethel finds a playbill from the premier the night before on a stand by the door. The whole group cracks up because his proof was laying right there the whole time.

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