I Love Lucy

Season 4 Episode 22

Don Juan is Shelved

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 21, 1955 on CBS

Episode Recap

Ricky's picture is shelved. Everyone hates to leave California so they try to come up with schemes to stay put and to save Ricky's movie career.

While Ricky is at the studio trying to pin down anyone who'll tell him what's going on, the others sit all day and write fan letters until they've got writer's cramp. Ricky gets home and it's official, the picture is over, but he does have a meeting with the big producer Dore Schary.

While he's gone the others dress up like bobby-soxers to impress Mr. Schary, but for nothing since Ricky's decided he can't wait and is going back to the studio to track Dore Schary down himself.

Lucy realizes that the best chances of saving Ricky's movie contract is to convince Dore Schary that another producer is after Ricky. But where to get another producer? They'll have to hire someone. Fred offers, but the girls pass on him. They go down to the pool to hunt for an actor to play the part, they'll even pay him $10.

Unknown to them, Dore Schary is already by the pool.

Bobby, the bellboy offers to play the part, Lucy passes on him too. Schary hears what Lucy's planning to do. He offers to play the part for Lucy, but doesn't tell her who he is. She's unimpressed with the man but says he'll have to do because she's desperate, but she's not going to pay him the $10, he's only worth $7.50.

Back up in the room, Lucy and the Mertzes coach Dore on how to act and dress like a producer. They even make him wear Fred's hideous sports coat.

Ricky arrives and immediatly goes to the fake producer and announces that it's Dore Schary. Lucy is speechless. Schary explains to Ricky that although his picture is shelved that they'll still pick up his contract and find him another movie. Everyone is relieved, especially Lucy because Schary didn't say a word about her scheme.

Ricky then turns to apologize to Fred for telling him he had no taste since Dore Schary just walked out wearing a sport's coat just like Fred's.