I Love Lucy

Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 24, 1951 on CBS

Episode Recap

In the mail, Lucy finds a letter to Ricky from the war department. She's afraid he's been drafted. When the letter accidently opens, she reads that Ricky has orders to go to Fort Dix on Monday. Because of her experience, Ethel puts the letter back together.

Ricky comes home and reads his letter. He's not drafted. Instead he's doing a show for the soldiers. He invites Fred to come along and perform. They both agree not to tell their wives. Lucy comes home sad about his pending departure.

Over tea, Ethel shares that Fred is going with Ricky on Monday. They're both knitting socks while crying. Meanwhile the boys are rehearsing a Civil War act that Fred suggested, but Ricky is distracted by Lucy's behavior. Fred concludes that because Lucy is crying all the time and knitting little things, she must be pregnant. The same is true for Ethel, leading Fred to panic. Ricky suggests throwing them a surprise baby shower the night before they leave for their show. Back at the Mertzes, the girls are knitting and decide to give them a surprise going away party.

All four anxiously await the guests for their respective parties. The boys are sent for water while the girls are sent to powder their shiny noses. Each pair takes turns hiding their party guests in the hall closet while the other pair is distracted. Once all the guests arrive, the boys learn the girls aren't really pregnant, and the girls realize that the boys really are going to Fort Dix, but they are only going to perform a show. When the girls see the boys in their uniforms they are shocked, thinking the boys are fighting on opposite sides.

While sitting and laughing at how they jumped to outrageous conclusions, all four remember that they left their guests in the closet. They pull them out in a giant clump and proceed to pull the tangled mass of people apart.