I Love Lucy

Season 5 Episode 7

Face to Face

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 14, 1955 on CBS

Episode Recap

Lucy shares with the Mertzes that Ricky signed with Associated Artists, a talent agency. Everyone meets Johnny Clark, Ricky's new agent. He mentions all the press that Ricky is going to be getting now that he's a movie star, including an interview on "Face to Face," with Ed Warren. He offends the Mertzes when he criticizes the apartment calling it a dump. He suggests that Ricky move into a Park Avenue penthouse and leave some brochures. The Ricardos mention that they don't want to move. Nonetheless Lucy decides to go ahead and look at one of the fancy apartments anyway. The Mertzes think that it would be better for Ricky's career if they did move to one of the fancy apartments. They plan to pick a fight that way the Ricardos are going to want to move out. At the Ricardos, the Mertzes' plan works like a charm when they criticize Lucy's bridge playing and say they made other plans for the night. Both couples get in a huge fight. But as soon as the Mertzes leave Ricky sees right through their plan and explains it to Lucy. Lucy starts crying for what wonderful friends they have. The Mertzes confess that they miss the Ricardos all ready and really don't want them to move. Fred calls Ethel's Aunt Martha to let her know that there is going to be an available apartment in their building soon. Aunt Martha then calls Lucy asking some particulars about their apartment. But the Ricardos can't believe that their friends have already rented their apartment even though they haven't moved out yet. Mrs. Skylar, manager of a Park Avenue building calls Ethel for a reference about the Ricardos. Johnny Clark also stops by on his way to see the Ricardos mentioning that the Mertzes are going to be on "Face to Face" with the Ricardos. The angle is going to be that even though Ricky is a big star he doesn't want to move, leaving his best friends the Mertzes. Reluctantly both couples agree to be on the program even though they aren't speaking. It's time for the interview. While on live TV Lucy eats a chocolate and can't open her mouth. When the Mertzes come in Fred shows advertising on the back of the shirt advertising their apartment building. During Ricky's song everyone starts making comments under their breath, leading to an argument, and then to a bunch of tearful apologies on live TV.

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