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Another Desiderio contribution to Americana & US pop culture

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    Desiderio Arnaz besides his well know contribution to American and US pop culture with I love Lucy, being the first to bring Africanisms to TV even ahead of Black Americans, the first to film a show thus creating the video industry and re-runs, besides constructing the influential empire known as Desilu, Untouchables, Twilight Zone, Mission impossible, I Spy, Make Room for Daddy, Westinghouse Playhouse, Requiem for a Heavyweight etc etc has another major credit to his legacy.

    Before he became a Broadway player and met Lucille, while he still lived in Miai he created the "conga craze", based on the typical carnival rhythm of his hometown of Eastern Cuba, Santiago-the New Orleans and Missisippi Delta of Cuba of which his father was mayor. The conga is the renowned 1,2, 3 ...kicj rhythm that in the 1990s Gloria and her husband Emilio who also hails from Santiago recorded in a pop music style as by the Miami Sound Machine. Anyway, Desi who faked himslef into a German polka band was suddently placed into the spotlight and not knowing waht to do, flashed back to his youthful days back home and in front of a Miami Beach hotle crowd got everyone up to form a conga line and a craze was born. The Marx Brother, The Three Stooges, Bugs Bunny and countless other movies and Broadways had a conga music scene, dozens of non-Latino artists recorded conga songs, Arthur Murray added conga lessons to his dance studios, this on the heels of the earlier rumba craze of the early 1930s, another Cuban rhythm and also served as a precursor of another Cuban music craze, the mambo the 1950s that had Marlon Brando, Eva Gardner, Sammy Davis Jr and other celebs dancing the latest Cuban or Latin dance in vogue

    Thank you Desi for all you gave the world, we are culturally richer because of it

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