I Love Lucy

Season 1 Episode 22

Fred and Ethel Fight

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 10, 1952 on CBS

Episode Recap

Lucy is prepared for a fancy dinner. Ricky comes home wanting to know who's coming to dinner. Lucy tries to divert his attention, but eventually confesses that the Mertzes are coming over. Ricky tries to understand since the Mertzes are having a fight and are not speaking. Fred even moved into the YMCA. Ricky isn't happy that she's meddling again, but it's too late. She's already invited them both to dinner without telling the other one.

Ethel arrives complaining that she hasn't eaten since Fred left because the fat cheapskate didn't leave her any money. Lucy tells her that she's invited a gentleman to join her which perks Ethel up. While Ethel is in the other room freshening up, Fred arrives and tells of all the fun he's having living life as a bachelor. Lucy tells him that she's invited a woman to join him. When they see each other, both are angry, threatening to leave, but when Lucy brings out a scrumptious roast beef they both want to stay.

As everyone sits down to eat, the Mertzes are forced to share the small piano bench as their seat. When they try to cut their meat Ethel falls off the bench making it the last straw. They both get angry and get up to leave. Lucy gets Fred's coat and Ricky gets Ethel's coat, but the Ricardos help the Mertzes on with an over coat, tying them up until they sort this whole thing out. The Mertzes do make up with everyone going back to their dinners.

Lucy and Ricky start giggling about how silly fights are and they don't even remember their last fight, but when they
try to remember who ended their last fight, they start to argue, each thinking they are right. Ricky leaves saying he's going to stay at the club.

The next morning Ethel comes by to check on Lucy because Ricky didn't come home last night. Lucy already tried calling Ricky, but the line was busy. Since she called once, she says that it's Ricky's turn to call. Ethel comes up with the idea of pretending that Lucy got hit by a bus to garner sympathy from Ricky thus making him apologize first.

At the drugstore, Fred runs into Ricky at the soda counter. Ricky confesses that he misses Lucy. He even tried to call her to apologize but the line was busy. Also, because he's stubborn, he thinks that Lucy needs to call him back since he already tried calling once. Fred tells Ricky about a story he saw on the news where a man saved a girl, and now they are getting married. Fred suggests pretending to have a fire at the apartment building so that Ricky can save Lucy, leading them to make up.

Lucy is wearing fake bandages and casts from head to foot to make it really look like that bus dragged her a long way after running into her. Ethel helps Lucy into the bed and makes her comfortable. Ethel says that she called the club and Ricky wasn't in, but that he would get the message as soon as he comes back. She leaves through the kitchen.

Through the front door, Ricky and Fred come in with a fan, a smoking pot, and a toy that sounds like a fire engine siren. Lucy sees the smoke coming in from under the door and hears the shouts of fire, so she tries to escape. Though she can barely move, she starts throwing clothes and her supply of henna rinse out the window. She fashions a rope out of bed sheets and drops out of the window. In her haste, she forgets to tie the other end of the sheet rope to anything!

Fred and Ricky are still in the living room. Now, Ricky is yelling about saving Lucy, he doesn't care about the fire, he only wants to save her. He goes running into the bedroom ready to be showered with affection for being a hero, ...but there's no Lucy.

Ricky walks in helping Lucy and asking if the bandages are really fake. She was unhurt because the Mertzes had their awning up. Lucy and Ricky both agree that their behavior was silly and they make up. Fred comes rushing in to check on Lucy. There's only one problem now. When Ethel heard that it was Fred who came up with the plan about faking the fire, she was so mad she left him to go to her mother's.

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