I Love Lucy

Season 1 Episode 22

Fred and Ethel Fight

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 10, 1952 on CBS



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    • (Lucy and Ricky are arguing over who put an end to a previous fight)
      Lucy: Before, darling!
      Ricky: After, baby!
      Lucy: Before, dear!
      Ricky: After, sweetheart!
      Lucy: Before!
      Ricky: After!
      Lucy: Before!
      Fred: (to Ricky) It's your serve.

    • Ethel: I'm sorry, Fred.
      Fred: I apologize, honeybunch.
      Ethel: Sweetie pie
      Fred: Baby doll.
      Ethel: Sugar lips.
      Lucy: You know, this is pretty sickening.
      Ricky: I liked them better when they were mad.

    • Ricky: Well you really cooked one up this time.
      Lucy: Now, don't worry. Everything's gonna be all right. You know what'll happen?
      Ricky: Yeah, they'll kill each other, right in front of our eyes.

    • Ethel: I haven't eaten since he left.
      Ricky: Aw, really?
      Lucy: You sure must miss him.
      Ethel: I do not. He didn't leave me any money, the big, fat slob!

    • Ricky: Lucy, sometimes I think that you don't have anything inside your head. Now come on. Let me see. (looking into Lucy's ear) Hey, that picture on the wall is crooked.

    • (Lucy tells Ricky that Fred and Ethel will be coming for dinner)
      Ricky: Wait a minute. I thought you said Fred and Ethel had a big fight and that they were mad at each other.
      Lucy: They are.
      Ricky: I thought you said they weren't speaking to each other.
      Lucy: They aren't.
      Ricky: And that he was staying at the 'Y'.
      Lucy: He is.
      Ricky: And she won't let him in the house.
      Lucy: She won't.
      Ricky: Well, if they are and they aren't and he is and she wun't, how come?

    • Fred: Why don't you swallow your pride?
      Ricky: I'm having enough trouble with this sandwich.

    • Lucy: Why don't you two be more like us?
      Ethel: That's a good idea. I'll dye my hair red and Fred can speak with an accent.

    • Ethel: (about Fred) Lucy, is that my date? (Lucy nods) He's no dream; he's a nightmare.
      Fred: (about Ethel) Is that your idea of a cute chick? (Lucy nods) You'll never shop for my poultry.

    • Lucy: There's one of the lovebirds now.
      Ricky: Yeah, before the evening is over, there will be feathers all over the place.

    • Ricky: The cast is dead.
      Lucy: Wait don't tell me. The die is cast.

    • Ricky: Lucy, whom is coming here for dinner tonight?
      Lucy: Whom? You mean besides meem and youm?

    • Lucy: Apologize, Ethel.
      Ethel: No!
      Ricky: Oh, come on now, Ethel.
      Ethel: Well, I'm sorry your mother looks like a weasel.

    • Fred: She called my mother a weasel!

  • Notes

    • Look for the Phillip Morris sign when Fred and Ricky have drinks.

    • This episode is based on a real-life incident that happened to Lucy and Desi. The Arnazes invited their friends, the Lederers, over for Christmas. One evening, the Lederers started fighting. As they tried to get the two back together, Lucy and Desi also started to bicker. They almost nearly filed for divorce!

    • This is one of the first episodes in which Lucy admits that she dyes her mousy-brown hair red. Look for the memorable scene where you can see her bottles of henna-rinse.

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