I Love Lucy

Season 4 Episode 11

Getting Ready

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 13, 1954 on CBS
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Getting Ready
California, here they come: Lucy and movie-star-to-be Ricky, plus Fred and Ethel, who are tagging along, take off for California. Their mode of transport: a used Cadillac that Fred bought, and used it is — it's 25 years old and California's a long way away.

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    • TRIVIA (4)

      • When Ricky suggests to Lucy that she read the bus brochure, she says, "Don't be silly. The bus." This was a mistake when it's clear that she has just told Ricky that she wants to ride the train.

      • Fred Mertz used the cost of train tickets as a deterrent to making the Hollywood trip, which was eliminated once the Ricardos bought a car to drive in, but Fred didn't object to staying for several months in a hotel and eating out three meals a day, which would cost a lot more than train tickets!

      • When Fred pulls up to the stoop in front of the apartment building, a careful look at the bottom of the car reveals the cables pulling the car to its parking place.

      • As the cast gets ready to go to Hollywood, they state that they've never had a car before. But when Lucy and Ricky go to Connecticut to "renew" their vows (Episode #26: The Marriage License), Ricky is driving a car (evident because he owes the gas station man money and because he says that he will go and get the car.)

    • QUOTES (6)

      • Ethel: California here we come!
        Lucy: Hooray!
        Ricky: That's great, Fred. It'll practically be for nothing. We'll each pay for half of the gas and--
        Fred: (interrupting Ricky) Bub, bub, bub, bub, bub! Pay for half the gas?
        Ethel: (dejected) New York here we stay!
        Ricky: Well, I thought as long as you're goin' you'll want to pay for half the 'spenses.
        Fred: Well, I don't see why. You're goin' anyway. Wherever the front seat goes, the back seat has to follow.

      • (frustrated with Lucy constantly changing her mind about how they should get to California)
        Ricky: Look, Lucy. This whole thing was my fault. It was something that I said that started this whole thin'.
        Lucy: What'd you say?
        Ricky: 'I do!'

      • Lucy: You absolutely need a car in Southern California.
        Ricky: You do, eh?
        Lucy: Yeah, I've been reading up on it. There's a car for every two and a half people in California. Now, you and me and little Ricky, that's two and a half. If we get to the border without a car, they won't let us in.

      • Lucy: Gee, Ethel, I feel sorry for you, being married to a pinch penny.
        Ethel: Well, you're not exactly married to the horn of plenty.
        Lucy: What do you mean by that?
        Ethel: Well, for once I think Fred is right. Why should you stick us for half your gasoline?
        Lucy: Stick you? Well, now I know who holds the penny while Fred pinches it.

      • (Lucy is going to pretend to be from a television company.)
        Ricky: Lucy, I got to hand it to you. You got a wonderful, sneaky mind.
        Lucy: Well, thank you very much.
        Ricky: You'd better let me talk to him.
        Lucy: Where are you supposed to be from, the Cuban broadcasting network?
        Ricky: Yeah, CBS! The Cuban Broadcasting System.

      • Ethel: (on her inability to drive) Well, I can always fold roadmaps and keep an eye out for clean restrooms.

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