I Love Lucy

Season 4 Episode 24

Hollywood Anniversary

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 04, 1955 on CBS

Episode Recap

Lucy is happy that she'll be spending her wedding anniversary in California. Ricky, however, is at odds because he can't remember which day it's on. He swears to Lucy that he knows the date but she doesn't buy it at all. He goes so far as to tell her that of course he knows, he's even planned an anniversary party for them at Mocambo.

Ricky works fast to save his hide and calls the license bureau in Greenwich, Connecticut where they were married. He requests a copy of their marriage license and waits for it to be delivered. He then calls his agent and asks him to plant a story in the paper telling of the party he's supposedly planned.

Lucy and the rest of the crew are anxious for the party and are more excited when the read the story in the paper about the party. Several big time movie stars supposedly were sent invitations. The Mertzes feel somewhat left out because they didn't get an invitation, but feel better when Lucy tells them that they are family and it's just automatic that they be there.

The following morning, Ricky gets up, breakfast is delivered along with the copy of the marriage license. He doesn't have time to read it before Lucy joins him for breakfast. He has to do some fast talking and manipulation so he can get the date of the license. All the while Lucy is telling him how wonderful he is for remembering and also for the party. She just needs reassurance, and he finally tells her the date is the 7th, after getting a quick glance at the license.

Later, Lucy finds the copy of their marriage license in his pocket and confronts him. He's at a loss and she rants about his forgetting and not loving her. She then points out, that since he didn't know the date, that the party was a hoax too. He admits his guilt but tells her that since all of this started, he really has planned a party at Mocambo. She wants nothing to do with it. Her mother doesn't help with her snide remarks about 'Mickey'.

The night of the party, Ricky begs her to go to Mocambo with him, she flatly refuses so he goes alone to meet the Mertzes.

Mother McGillicuddy suggests that she and Lucy go out and celebrate themselves. Good idea!

At the club, Ricky is explaining to the Mertzes that Lucy is too upset to join them. She then walks in with her mother and passes right by their table, completely ignoring them.

She and her mother take a table and Ricky slips the waiter some money to make a request of the band.

The band leader introduces Ricky and he gets up and sings a song to serenade Lucy. She fights with all her might to not care, but soon she's under the magical spell of love once more.