I Love Lucy

Season 6 Episode 22


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 01, 1957 on CBS

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  • Ethel is upset because Lucy is spending more time with Betty Ramsey. Lucy and Ricky were invited to a pardy with the Ramsey's. Ethel is upset about that. Lucy decides to have a get togeather with Ethel and Betty Ramsey. Ethel and Betty Ramsy learn they

    Have alot in commem. Ethel starts spending more time with Betty Ramsey. Lucy is upset. Ethel and Betty Ramsey go shoping and didn't invite Lucy. Betty Ramsey gives Ethel a housewarming gift. Lucy thinks they are giving her a housewarming pardy. Lucy and Ricky get dressed up and wait. Lucy and Ricky decide to go out for a little while because they might come when they are gone. Lucy and Ricky come home. Lucy is upset and thinks they are not coming. Ethel hears that. Ethel gives Lucy a housewarming pardy. This is one of my favorite Episodes. Very funny.
  • Ethel feels hurt when she sees Lucy growing closer with Betty Ramsey. Sensing her hurt feelings, Lucy arranges for the two to meet over a ladies luncheon. Ethel and Betty bond and Lucy feels left out. A housewarming does not come off and Lucy feels stung!

    I love this episode for several reasons. I came up in Connecticut and recognize folks like the Ramseys. I think this episode makes a very good point about friendship. After all, at the beginning, Lucy is somewhat complacent and feels for Ethel, but the tide turns and, toward the end, Lucy feels abandonded and friendless. Of course, Lucy went out of her way for Ethel and she returns the favor. It's a lovely episode about friendship and who really IS your friend. Beautifully written and Vivian Vance shines in the luncheon scene, throwing priceless barbs. Great!