I Love Lucy

Season 6 Episode 22


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 01, 1957 on CBS



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    • Betty: So you're Ethel Potter!
      Ethel: And you were Betty Foster!
      Lucy: I was Lucy McGillicuddy!

    • Ethel: I'm afraid we can't make it.
      Betty: Oh, that's a shame.
      Lucy: Now dear, we haven't even set the date yet.
      Ethel: Oh, but we're booked up months ahead. There's the Hired Hands Convention, and the Poultry Growers' Annual Ball, and the Babysitters Amalgamated For People...

    • Lucy: We're in the egg business together, so half of those belong to Ethel. Isn't that right, dear?
      Ethel: (sarcastically) Yes. The shells.

    • Lucy: (to Ricky) It's hard for the Mertzes to meet people out here. You know, you have your work, I have my PTA and club activities, but the Mertzes don't have any friends in the country.
      Fred: (over the intercom) We didn't have any friends in the city either.

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