I Love Lucy

Season 4 Episode 26

In Palm Springs

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 25, 1955 on CBS

Episode Recap

Lucy reads the gang a newspaper article about a woman who got tired of her husbands knuckle cracking and offered to crack them for him, with a baseball bat!

The girls find it funny, the boys don't. They start discussing annoying habits. Lucy points out Ricky's constant finger tapping, he points out Lucy's stirring her coffee for hours on end. Ethel points out Freds jingling the keys in his pocket non-stop so he tells her that she makes too much noise when she eats. They all bicker and realize that they're all on each other's nerves, and just before they're going to go to Palm Springs (where Rock Hudson is also staying) together. They decide that the girls should go to Palm Springs and the boys will stay in Hollywood.

In Palm Springs, the girls wait out the rain and are even starting to get on each other's nerves. They deduce that it's because they miss their husbands. It's raining back in Hollywood too and the boys are snapping at each other because they miss their wives.

Neither gender wants to give in and admit they were wrong. Luckily Ricky gets a phone call from the studio asking him to go to Palm Springs to talk with producer, Dore Schary, about a picture.

The rains have finally ended in Palm Springs and the girls go out by the pool to enjoy some of the wonderful sun that they've paid for.

Rock Hudson comes strolling up. The girls are giddy when he sits down to talk with them. He tells them he has news of one of Ricky's friends and the girls are more than happy to pass along the message. He starts talking of Adele Slift, a script girl at MGM and her husband Sam. Sam had a very annoying habit, he whistled constantly, just a long one note whistle that drove his wife crazy. They had a falling out and Sam was in an accident before they could make up. Lucy and Ethel find the little tale heartbreaking and realize just how childish the squabbling has been between them and their husbands.

Ricky and Fred join the gathering and the girls are elated to see them and they all hug and apologize. Ricky admits that he told Rock to go over and tell the girls the story to soften them up. Lucy then confesses that she was the one who made the phone call to him, pretending to be Mr. Schary's secretary. Rock Hudson stands by in amazement. Lucy tells him that he must think the couples are crazy. Rock agrees.