I Love Lucy

Season 2 Episode 4

Job Switching

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 15, 1952 on CBS

Episode Recap

Ricky arrives home and summons Lucy into the living room with news that her account is overdrawn again. Fred and Ethel arrive just as Ricky is bawling Lucy out over how hard it is for a man "to make a buck." The boys suggest that women would be more apt to save their money if they had to earn it own their own. The girls don't think making money is such a big deal, and the boys think it is much easier to run a house because all they do all day is lay around the house and play canasta.

The Ricardos and the Mertzes agree that for one week, the boys will stay home and run their respective houses while the girls go out and hold down jobs. The next morning, Lucy is shocked at how well Ricky "cooked" breakfast. The jig is up, however, when the drug store calls and tells Lucy that Ricky left his hat there when he picked up the two breakfast orders.

Later that day, at the employment agency, Lucy and Ethel try to find a job. After going back and forth about what jobs they're qualified to do and what jobs are open, Mr. Snodgrass announces that there are a couple of openings at a candy company.

At the apartment, Ricky -- sporting an apron -- dutifully does the ironing and Fred enters wearing a bandana on his head. They both agree to pool their resources to make dinner for the four of them, rather than each one making a separate dinner. Ricky agrees to prepare arroz con pollo, and Fred will bake a seven-layer cake.

Later that day, Lucy and Ethel trained on how to work in their respective departments in the candy company--Lucy dips the chocolate while Ethel packages it. Left alone with another chocolate dipper, Lucy tries making small talk, but the other dipper silently does her job. While trying to swat a fly, Lucy accidentally smears chocolate all over the other dipper's face and a chocolate fight ensues between the ladies, ending with Lucy's face being covered in chocolate.

Later, Ricky is vacuuming and Fred enters with a pitiful-looking cake. The two go to the kitchen. As it turns out, Ricky has cooked too much rice (four pounds). The pressure cooker blows the chickens to the ceiling and the chickens fall to the floor. While the guys clean the chickens with cleanser, the rice boils over, running over the stovetop and onto the floor. The boys try to contain the mess by scooping up the rice and putting it into smaller pots with a broom and dustpan and Ricky slips all over the kitchen floor in the process.

Meanwhile, Lucy and Ethel are transferred to the wrapping department (this makes Ethel's fourth department) and are instructed that each piece of candy must be wrapped before it gets into packing--or they will be fired. At first the ladies do fine, but they soon learn that they are way over their heads as the candy starts coming out faster on the conveyor belt, forcing Lucy and Ethel to hide some of the candy in their chef's hats and eat the rest of it.

Upon arriving home after being fired, Lucy goes to the kitchen to get some bicarbonate of soda for a nauseated Ethel and is horrified to see that the kitchen looks like a hurricane blew through it. The gents enter, confessing that they are lousy housekeepers, and the ladies tell their partners that they didn't fare well either and were fired. They all agree to take on their original roles in their households and marriages and the fellas offer their wives a gift -- a five-pound box of chocolates. The wives faint, an I-think-I'm-gonna-be-sick look on their faces, not wanting to see another piece of chocolate ever again!