I Love Lucy

Season 2 Episode 4

Job Switching

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 15, 1952 on CBS

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  • Lucy, Ethel, Fred, and Ricky all switch places.

    Lucy is spending to much money, as usual. Ricky complains that he has to make all the money while Lucy sits around the house all day. Lucy says she does not, and says she could get a job and work for a living. Ricky says he could easily do housework. So they dare eachother to switch places.

    Lucy and Ethel get a job at a candy factory. First, Lucy has to dip chocolate, but fails and ends up fighting with the other dipper. Than She and Ethel get sent to wrap chocolates on a convator belt. If one piece of candy got by unwrapped, they were fired. This classic scene starts with the chocolate going slow. This is easy for the girls. But then it starts to speed up and Lucy and Ethel can't wrap them. So they take off the chocolate trying not to make them pass. Suddenly, it stops and the boss is coming. Lucy and Ethel get rid of the chocolate by eating it and stuffing in their shirts and hats. The boss is happy and Lucy and Ethel are releived. But suddenly the boss yells "Speed it up a little!" And it starts all over again.

    Meanwhile, Ricky and Fred are trying to do housework. They decide to make dinner together. Ricky makes the course, and Fred makes the dessert. But they mess it up. Fred made a very flat cake, with the frosting mixed in, and Ricky made four pounds of rice. The kitchen is a mess now.

    Lucy and Ethel come home finding a note saying don't go in the kitchen. Lucy goes in and sees it. Ricky and Fred come in and apologize, saying they didn't know it was so hard. They make it up by giving the girls each five pound boxes of chocolates!

    This is one of my favortie episodes. It is a must-see!
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