I Love Lucy

Season 6 Episode 2

Little Ricky Learns to Play the Drums

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 08, 1956 on CBS

Episode Recap

Over breakfast Little Ricky shows signs of having good rhythm when he starts tapping out a beat on a glass with a spoon. Ricky is beaming at his son's natural ability. After Little Ricky leaves, Lucy and Ricky discuss what they want their son to be when he grows up. Ricky thinks the drums are a great idea and the boy has seemingly natural abilities. Lucy insists he be a doctor or a lawyer. They are arguing when the Mertzes enter. Ethel wants to borrow Lucy's fur stole to wear to the theater. Ricky gives Fred a pair of theater tickets. Ricky then suggests that they ask the Mertzes what they think Little Ricky should be when he grows up. Ethel thinks Little Ricky should choose for himself with neither parent influencing him.

Ricky stops by the Mertzes apartment to check on see if a package was delivered. He tells Fred it's a drum and explains why he bought it. When Ricky comes home, Little Ricky enters the room wearing a doctor costume. Lucy claims that Little Ricky dragged her through the toy store to the costume. Little Ricky proceeds to "diagnose" his dad. Ricky gets angry at Lucy for not honoring their agreement about letting Little Ricky decide for himself. Ethel comes up with the package. Ricky claims that it is an Easter hat. But Lucy unwraps the package and finds the drum. Fred comes rushing in yelling about the package being gone. Quickly the Mertzes leave. Lucy places the drum on the coffee table. Lucy and Ricky each agree to take back the doctor costume and drum. But Little Ricky starts playing the drum and likes it. He plays a steady beat.

One morning, Ricky wakes up to the sound of Little Ricky pounding a steady beat on the drum. We learn that he has been playing the same beat for the past four days nonstop. They decide not to stop him. Both Lucy and Ricky move along to the beat; tapping fingers, juicing fruit, cracking eggs, and eating. When Little Ricky stops drumming they fall over.

In Mertzes apartment Ethel is even doing the chores to the beat of the drumming. Fred is wearing earmuffs to block out the noise. They decide to ask if the Ricardos will limit the drumming to only an hour a day. Ethel reminds Fred to be nice.

The Ricardos also can't stand the noise. They decide to limit the drumming. The Mertzes come upstairs. Lucy's glad to hear that the drumming wasn't bothering them. Ethel suggests that Little Ricky cuts back because she concerned. When the noise stops Fred reveals he's happy the racket stopped. The Ricardos get defensive. A fight ensues. Fred threatens to evict the Ricardos for disturbing the peace. Ricky then brings up their 99 year lease. Lucy tells Little Ricky to keep drumming. Fred returns the theater tickets and Ethel returns the fur stole.

Lucy makes arrangements for Mrs. Trumbull to watch Little Ricky while they go to the theater without the Mertzes. Ricky goes to take a shower and shave before having dinner. Lucy checks on her almost done roast chicken only to find that it didn't cook. Lucy calls Fred and finds out that he cut off the electricity and the gas. However the water is still on.

Ricky is in the shower and Lucy is washing her face when the water shuts off. Ricky goes into the kitchen to turn on the emergency valve. Soap is getting in Lucy's eyes so she tries to find a towel but Ricky took it. Lucy gets all wet in the shower when the water comes on unexpectedly.

Because everything is ruined they decide not to go to the theater and turn tables on the Mertzes. The Ricardos play the drums and make lots of noise with Ricky's conga drum and a bunch of pots and pans to bother the Mertzes dinner. They quickly rush upstairs because they wonder what is going on. Fred challenges Ricky to a fist fight. Everything comes to a halt when Mrs. Trumbull interrupts to take Little Ricky to her apartment but he's missing. Everyone panics. Lucy is about to call the police when Fred returns, telling them everything is fine.

Little Ricky is asleep on the Mertzes couch with the earmuffs on. They agree not to fight and to limit Little Ricky's drumming.