I Love Lucy

Season 6 Episode 2

Little Ricky Learns to Play the Drums

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 08, 1956 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Goof: Notice that Lucy's false eyelashes are removed for the bathroom scene but magically reappear when she walks into the living room.

    • When Little Ricky first gets his drum, it sounds like a tom-tom drum. But throughout the rest of the episode, the drum sounds like a snare.

  • Quotes

    • Lucy: Why don't you just go ahead and say it. Go ahead! Come right out and say it. Say you can't stand Little Ricky's drumming.
      Ethel: All right. We can't stand Little Ricky's drumming.
      Lucy: How dare you say a thing like that!

    • Fred: What a relief! I thought he'd never quit!
      Lucy: What did you say?
      Ethel: (trying to be diplomatic) Oh, he, uh, n-nothing. He's just amazed at the child's stamina. He didn't think anybody could keep up that racket for four whole days!

    • Lucy: I think he should be a doctor.
      Ricky: Well, I think he should be a drummer.
      Lucy: A doctor!
      Ricky: A drummer!
      Lucy: Doctor!
      Ricky: Drummer!
      Lucy: Drummer!
      Ricky: Doctor!
      Lucy: Ah, fine! You agree! He's gonna be a doctor!

    • Ricky: What's so bad with being a drummer?
      Lucy: It's just not good enough for a son of mine.
      Ricky: Well, it's good enough for a husband of yours.
      Lucy: Well, that's different.
      Ricky: How is that different?
      Lucy: He's my flesh and blood. You're just a close relative.

    • Lucy: (noticing Little Ricky hasn't said anything after handing him a piece of toast) What do we say after someone gives us something?
      Ricky: You know, Little Ricky. You remember what Daddy always says when someone gives him something.
      Little Ricky: Gracias!
      Lucy: Thank you!
      Little Ricky: You're welcome.

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