I Love Lucy

Season 6 Episode 1

Lucy and Bob Hope

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 01, 1956 on CBS

Episode Recap

Ricky is now part owner of the Tropicana and is excited about it's grand reopening. The newly remodeled club is now renamed Club Babalu. Ricky explains to Fred that Lucy got wind of the fact that Bob Hope was asked to appear at the club for it's reopening but Ricky hadn't told her that Bob had agreed to do it. Instead he tells her that it's still up in the air and suggests it's because the star knows of Lucy's reputation for causing movie starts to meet with dire straights when she's around them.

Lucy feels just awful. Fred is taking Ethel, Lucy and Little Ricky to yankee stadium for a ballgame, maybe that'll take her mind off her Bob Hope troubles.

At the stadium, Ethel is more interested in the hot dogs than she is the game. They are all excited when who should walk in and sit a few feet from the but Bob Hope! Lucy decides she's going to talk to Mr Hope and tell him that she promises not to go near him if he'll only appear at Ricky's club. Her plans fail when she can't get anywhere near the star.

As the game continues the hot dog vendor comes back around and this time it's Lucy! She gets to Bob Hope but can't hardly tell him what's happening because everyone is ordering hot dogs from her. She's so busy trying to talk to Bob Hope and dish up hot dogs that she ends up smearing mustard on his hand. Miss never say die keeps on talking to the star and he gets beaned in the head with a foul ball, Lucy makes a mad dash for the exit.

In the locker room, Bob Hope is recuperating from his bumb on the noggen and Ricky wonders if the crazy hot dog vendor was Lucy. His suspicions are confirmed when Lucy enters dressed like a ball player. She tries to leave when she sees Ricky. Ricky and Mr Hope decide to play along with her charade a little and make her chew tobacco and then Bob slaps her on the back and she swallows it.

Everyone comes clean about the ruse and Lucy finds out that Bob Hope was going to be in the show all along. The star even suggests Lucy to help them with the act, but Ricky will have nothing to do with it. Ricky and Bob leave and Lucy sits down to have a good cry. Bob comes back for his hat and has a little heart to heart with Lucy, who just knows she can be a star if Ricky would give her half the chance. Bob then confronts Ricky and tells him that either Lucy is in the act or he won't appear at the club. Ricky has no choice.

At the club, Lucy, Ricky and Bob Hope perform a baseball number "Noboby Loves The Ump". Lucy, so anxious to be in character has worn cleats and gets stuck to the newly laid floor tiles. The get her unstuck, bringing up the tiles, but the show must go on, so they finish the number. They then all sing a version of Bob Hope's own theme "Thanks for the Memory".