I Love Lucy

Season 6 Episode 1

Lucy and Bob Hope

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 01, 1956 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Goof: In the musical dance towards the end of the episode, two floor tiles get stuck on Lucy's spiked shoes, but on the last shot of the musical scene, the tiles that were suppose to be stuck on her shoes are missing.

    • In the scene during the performance at Club Babalu; Marco, the pianist is chewing gum!

  • Quotes

    • Boy: Can I have your autograph, Mr. Hope?
      Bob Hope: Well, I don't know. You've seen my latest picture, The Iron Petticoat?
      Boy: Yes, sir!
      Bob Hope: You watch my television show?
      Boy: Oh yes, sir!
      Bob Hope: Do you root for Cleveland? I own a piece of the team, you know.
      Boy: Yes, sir!
      Bob Hope: Now that you've been properly brainwashed...(signing his autograph and handing it to the boy) There you are, you lucky boy!

    • Ethel: Oh, Lucy, come on. Cheer up. There could be a million reasons why Bob Hope hasn't called Ricky.
      Lucy: No, there aren't. He's heard that every time I come near a celebrity, there's trouble. It happened in Hollywood, it happened in Europe. I'm the scourge of two continents.

    • Little Ricky: Who's Joe 'Maggio?
      Fred: 'Who's Joe 'Maggio?' You talk more like your father everyday.

    • (Lucy is disguised as a ballplayer)
      Lucy: Hello, Mr. Hope. (sees Ricky) Well, goodbye, Mr. Hope!

    • Lucy: Well, back to the ol' ball game.

    • Bob Hope: I may never go back to NBC! (after being kissed by Lucy)

  • Notes

    • Larry Orenstein wrote the song "Nobody Loves the Ump".

    • Bob Hope uses cue cards, which is the first time they are used on the series.

    • The filming of this episode is postponed from Thursday night to the following Tuesday because Desi Arnaz hurt his back.

    • Bob Hope was delighted to do this episode. To return the favor the I Love Lucy cast would appear on Bob Hope's show. In fact, Lucy and Desi were great friends with him. Lucy and Bob Hope worked together in four movies and numerous radio and television shows. Desi's orchestra played the music on Bob Hope's weekly radio show.

    • Songs: "Nobody Loves the Ump" and "Thanks for the Memories"

    • This is the first episode for Keith Thibodeux (Little Ricky) and Robert de Grasse as director of photography.

  • Allusions

    • Bob Hope: "I may never go back to NBC!" All through his career, from radio in the 30s and 40s all the way to his last tv specials in the 90s, Bob Hope was a fixture on the NBC networks. In the days that this episode originally ran on CBS it was very very rare for a competing network to be named on one of their shows, generally guests on talk shows would mention something coming up 'on another network'. No doubt it was the influence of CBS's biggest stars Lucy and Desi that lead to the CBS brass allowing Hope to mention NBC by name for this episode's ending gag.

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