I Love Lucy

Season 3 Episode 3

Lucy and Ethel Buy the Same Dress

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 19, 1953 on CBS

Episode Recap

At the latest ladies club meeting, the ladies are offered 30 minutes of tv time. Lucy gets herself elected chairman by promising Ricky will emcee the event. Lucy and Ethel decide the best way to get Ricky to agree is with reverse psychology. They suggest every man they can think of but never Ricky. Ricky's ego doesn't like that at all so he volunteers on his own.
The girls then must find a number to do and decide on a duet. They practice their number, Cole Porter's "Friendship", which gives Fred and Ricky a laugh.
The following day both women declare that they've found the perfect gown. They both bring them out and they're exactly the same, even though Ethel got hers at Sax and Lucy got hers at Gimbles.
Not wanting to look silly, the girls decide they will both return their dresses and buy different ones so neither has to sacrifice the identical dress.
The night of the show Lucy is busy getting ready and comes out in the original dress and Ricky chastises her for it. Next door, Fred is also giving Ethel the business since she too kept her dress.
On stage, Ricky introduces the girls who are both shocked to see the other still has her dress. Shock soon becomes anger. They break into their number and little by little start tearing pieces off each others dress. Ricky and Fred have to haul them off stage, still singing "Friendship".

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