I Love Lucy

Season 3 Episode 3

Lucy and Ethel Buy the Same Dress

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 19, 1953 on CBS



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    • Lucy: (hatching a plot to snag Ricky into emceeing the girls' show) Listen, Ethel. Next to sugar, Cuba's biggest export is ham!

    • Fred: Is this week's meeting of the Claw & Cackle Club over?
      Lucy: Never mind that, Fred. We're gonna be on television!
      Fred: Who is?
      Ethel: Our women's club.
      Fred: Well, that ought to bring back movies.

    • Lucy: I suppose Caroline will want to do her impersonation of Bette Davis.
      Ethel: That isn't Bette Davis she impersonates. It's Lionel Barrymore!

    • Ethel: Why don't we do a duet?
      Lucy: A duet?
      Ethel: Yeah, something like that Cole Porter song "Friendship?" Isn't that a wonderful idea?
      Lucy: Well, no. That way I don't get to sing alone.
      Ethel: That's what makes it a wonderful idea.

  • Notes

    • During a flashback in the episode "The Club Election," Lucy and Ethel were elected co-presidents of their women's club. However, the episode with the flashback began with Ethel telling Ricky it was time to elect officers for the club again, implying Lucy and Ethel's tour as co-presidents was over. Yet in this episode, and the later episode "Lucy's Club Dance," Lucy and Ethel are still co-presidents. Did the club re-elect them co-presidents or was there never another election because Lucy was in the hospital with Little Ricky?

    • Music performed on this episode included "Red, Red Robin", "Friendship" and "Vaya Con Dios".

    • Based on My Favorite Husband #85 ("Liz Appears on Television")

    • This wasn't the first time Lucy had sung "Friendship." She and Red Skelton had dueted on the song in the 1942 flick, DuBarry Was A Lady.

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