I Love Lucy

Season 5 Episode 3

Lucy and the Dummy

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 17, 1955 on CBS

Episode Recap

Ricky comes home from the studio with a model of his head. He uses it to scare Lucy. He tells Lucy about his plans to go deep sea fishing over the weekend. While Ricky is in the shower Lucy answers a phone call from the studio wanting Ricky to perform at a party for executives over the weekend. She tries to make a deal saying that Ricky will appear only if he does so with his wife. Ricky refuses because is set to go fishing but Lucy says that Ricky will be there. She tries to talk Ricky out of his fishing trip using guilt claiming that she's going to be lonely. The plan doesn't work when Ricky asks Lucy to come along on the fishing trip. The Mertzes come over and freak out when Lucy enters the family room with Ricky's model head.

Ricky leaves for his fishing trip and Lucy needs to think of an idea for the studio party. Later the Mertzes rush over to see Lucy's idea. While one of Ricky's records is playing Lucy comes out with a life-size figure of Ricky using the model head. They dance together. As usual the Mertzes agree to help.

Backstage at the studio party the Mertzes carry Raggedy Ricky to the dressing room. They mention that a guard wanted to smell Ricky's breath just to make sure that he wasn't drunk. After showing a preview of "Guys and Dolls," Lucy and Raggedy Ricky do their dance beautifully. Lucy claims that Ricky is sick and takes him to the wings. The Mertzes try to untangle Raggedy Ricky from Lucy's lace mantilla. But they don't manage to get it unstuck in time and the dummy comes flying out from the wings knocking Lucy down. It quickly becomes a comedy routine with Raggedy Ricky's head falling off at the end.

The Mertzes try to tell Ricky what happened with Lucy when he gets back from his fishing trip. What he wasn't counting on was Lucy getting a year long movie contract. Ethel shows Ricky the dummy and he can't believe it. They agree to trick Lucy when she comes home. When she does come home they say that they are going to be going back to New York and that Lucy is going to be out here all alone in hopes that the guilt will change her mind.

That night Lucy can't sleep because of everything Ricky and the Mertzes said. Also she pretends to be a big movie star but Little Ricky's crying brings her back to reality. Ricky hits the dummy sitting in the chair blaming him for this mess they are in. When Lucy comes back into the family room she hits Ricky sitting in the chair because she thinks that it's the dummy. Lucy's crying because she wants to be with Ricky, the baby and the Mertzes.