I Love Lucy

Season 6 Episode 11

Lucy and the Loving Cup

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 07, 1957 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • The signs in the subway station are accurate for an east bound train heading to Brooklyn.

    • Goof: Ethel still claims that she has been married to Fred for 25 years. This has been proven wrong on many occasions.

  • Quotes

    • Police Officer: Oh,uh, pardon me. Are you Ricky Ricardo?
      Ricky: Yes.
      Police Officer: Well, I've got a,uh--well, there's a woman out there. Claims she's your wife.
      Ricky: My wife?
      Police Officer: Yeah. She's got a loving cup on her head.
      Ricky: That's my wife!
      Police Officer: You have my deepest sympathy.

    • Ricky: Hey! Stop him! He can't put his turtle in that thin'!
      Lucy: Ricky! Ricky, honey. Come here, dear. You can't put your turtle in that thin'!

    • Fred: (to Ethel) Honeybunch, can I help it if I think of you as my dungaree doll?

    • Ricky: (looking at Lucy's new dress) It's beautiful! It looks like a million dollars.
      Fred: That's probably what it cost!

    • Ethel: Come on! Let me see your new dress!
      Lucy: All right, calm down. You're acting like you never saw a new dress before.
      Ethel: Who's acting?

    • Ricky: Listen to this, Fred: '4,961 victories.' Isn't that great?
      Fred: Great? It's terrible.
      Ricky: What do you mean?
      Fred: I didn't have a buck on any one of 'em!

    • Ricky: Oh, now Ethel. I know that Fred is a little tight, but I know that if an important occasion were to come around, he would loosen up.
      Ethel: He wouldn't tell me to buy a new dress if he were inaugurated President of the United States.

    • Ethel: Where's Lucy?
      Ricky: She went shopping. I told her to go and buy a new hat and a new dress for the banquet.
      Ethel: Would you say that again?
      Ricky: I told her to buy a new hat and a new dress.
      Ethel: In the 25 years I've been married, I have never heard that phrase before.

  • Notes

    • Robert Foulk, who played a policeman in this episode would later appear as Roy Trendle on the CBS series, Green Acres.

    • This is the last time that the Club Babalu set is used during the series.

    • There are tiny holes in the decorative design of the loving cup so that Lucy will be able to see and move around without hurting herself.

    • Lucy and Desi were big fans of horse racing. Their summer home in Del Mar, California was located across the road from the Del Mar County Fairgrounds and Thoroughbred Track, and they also invested in some of their own horses.

    • Desi Arnaz had reportedly tried to get Johnny Longden's life made into a movie.

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