I Love Lucy

Season 2 Episode 20

Lucy Becomes A Sculptress

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 12, 1953 on CBS

Episode Recap

Lucy is looking through some photos of her ancestors and comes across one of an artist. She decides she's inherited artistic talents and heads for the art supply store. When she gets there the clerks are more than happy to help her and convince her the blob of clay she was playing with was a masterpiece so they can sell her 50 pounds of clay.

Back home, Lucy's first attempts aren't working well because she doesn't have a model. After Ricky and Ethel flat out refuse to pose for her she gets Fred to pose for a disastrous figurine of himself. She and Ricky have words and he decides to bring an art critic by to check out Lucy's work, if he says she has talent, she can get anything she wants to work with, if not, then she gives up the whole idea.

Lucy, not wanting to be robbed of her 'gift of art' decides she's going to fool the critic by making a bust of her own head, but applying plaster of paris directly over her real head.

The critic is mightily impressed with the bust and decides he MUST have it for his collection. Ricky refuses until the man offers $500. Ethel then has to jump in and tell the man that it's not worth $500 and starts to mess up the sculpture. That doesn't even work, because now the man thinks it's even more original, so Ricky agrees. The critic goes to take the bust off the table, Lucy screams as he's got ahold of her head which is buried within the plaster.